What to do as an online trader when the stock market drops

(The following is sponsored content) When trading online, you need to take into consideration the fluctuation of the stock market. Although many claim to be able to predict what the stock market will do next, it is almost impossible to know for sure and there are many outside factors that we as humans have no control over. That being said, the stock market can drop at any time and when it happens all online traders need to be alert. Senior financial analyst at Olsson Capital, Calib Crawford, confirms that stock market patterns… Read Entire Story

Five Investment Theories to Take Note Of

(The following is sponsored content) An investment theory can be referred to as the body of knowledge used to back up the decision-making process of selecting proper investments for the correct purpose (or application). More often than not, investing in the stock market is seen as a process in which an investor only needs to buy low and sell high to make gains. However, there is more to financial market trading than merely buying shares cheaply and selling them when they have risen substantially. Theories, on the other hand, can also be purely academic and of little practical … Read Entire Story

Will Brexit happen? And its importance on the global financial trading market

(The following is sponsored content) During the month of June within the year of 2016, British Prime minister David Cameron did something that not many people outside of England thought was a very good idea, in fact, many people still think that what David Cameron did was a massive mistake. What did he do? In June 2016 and the months building up to July, David Cameron suggested a referendum vote on a British exit from the European Union. Recently, we saw something similar with President Donald Trump leaving the Paris accord, however when David Cameron… Read Entire Story

FCA Report Warns Pension Providers Their Products Have Lost the Trust of Consumers

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(The following is sponsored content) I’ve taken a keen interest in pensions, having managed my own for more than 5 years now via a Self Invested Plan, which I now manage through a mobile app. This gives incredible visibility of performance, as well as peace of mind. However, it is an area that is ripe for innovation, especially with the UK pension dashboard set to arrive in 2019. This dashboard, a cross-industry project, will show you all of your pension information … Read Entire Story

An Interview With a Successful Venture Capitalist

(The following is sponsored content) Have you ever thought about becoming a venture capitalist? Perhaps you have a natural ability to weigh up risks and rewards. Maybe you want to control substantial amounts of money and enjoy a job with a high degree of autonomy. The question most venture capitalists get asked is how to get started on the road to this career. Eager young entrepreneurs are just as fascinated to get familiar with the mindset of a venture capitalist, in order to understand how they should pitch and what behaviours to avoid. To help us understand what a venture capitalist does, what they look for in a startup and how best to reach out to a venture capitalist, Will Jiang of N5Capital has … Read Entire Story

The risk resistance of Stocks and Shares ISAs

Why is it that more people don’t decide to put their money into stocks and shares ISAs? The fact of the matter is that most people tend to opt for cash ISAs, despite that fact that the interest rates they offer are woefully low. Balancing interest rates against inflation A lot of potential investors are afraid to invest their money in stocks and shares ISAs because they fear they will make a loss. What they usually forget about though, is inflation; especially now, post-Brexit. The figures… Read Entire Story

Best practice for tracking spending for efficient budgeting

Good budgeting is crucially important, whether you are creating a budget for your own personal finances or managing the financial affairs of a whole business. Recent statistics from the UK government demonstrate that average weekly spending in households is £528.90. Whether you have more or less money to play with than this, good budgeting skills will enable you to pay all of your bills and to make the most of the cash that you have spare. Store all of your budgeting information in a safe place                                     There is nothing worse than deciding to fill out your tax return and realising that you … Read Entire Story

How to Negotiate Your Next Salary

Wondering how to negotiate your next salary? Well, we’ve put together some advice to help you, read on to discover more. Bide your time First and foremost, don’t start talking about benefits or salary until after you’ve been offered the job. Use your interview to ask about the role and the organisation, rather than salary. If you want a few questions to hand to ask at interview there’s lots of advice available online, just take a look. Do your research Also, ensure you’ve done your research beforehand, so you know the going rate for similar roles. Look for jobs with a similar specification, with similar … Read Entire Story

A short guide to stock-based loans

Stock trading can sap the resources of even some of the best traders. There is always a desire to go for more and more stocks, so the trader can amass a large portfolio, and that may not leave the trader much money for other things they would like to do. While their trading may pay off in the end, it can take a while for the stock to mature and become worthwhile. As traders wait for profits, they may want to see the … Read Entire Story

Saving Money while Job Hunting

It is a position many of us have found ourselves in before – unemployed and worrying about how exactly we’re going to be able to get by until the next pay check (whenever that might be). It is important to remind yourself that the situation is temporary, and to not be too hard on yourself in the meantime. However, of course, it is important to be frugal when you are yet to have a regular income again. Here are some tips on saving … Read Entire Story

Five Essential Ways to Gauge the Performance of your Forex Account

Good and bad forex traders cannot just be spotted from their gains and losses. The figures can be deceptive. Gauging the performance of your account is important in order to understand how your investment is progressing, and also to help you gain financial support from other investors. To improve the performance of your account, you should create a trading strategy. The Commodity Channel Index is one of the most popular tools used to determine the level of risk involved in the buying or selling of currency. It helps investors know when a market is overbought or oversold; and therefore, likely to take a turn in the opposite direction… Read Entire Story

7 Common mistakes made by amateur property developers & how to avoid them

As an amateur property developer, you will discover along the way that mistakes are common, however, there are some to look out for immediately to avoid any costly issues – here are some examples and how to avoid them: Buying in the wrong location The biggest mistake that any amateur property developer could make is buying in the wrong area. They tend to get excited by the prospect of cheap property in need of renovation and buy without giving it enough thought. Trouble is, houses are usually cheap for a reason and that’s because not many people want to live… Read Entire Story