How to Drive Your First 3000 Visitors to Your Blog? My Mistake & Your Advice

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Blogging is fun, but only when people read your content. It has always been a big issue with the… Read Entire Story

INTERVIEW: Fiverr’s Top-Rated Seller Marc aka Anarchofighter Buys a Home Within a Year with Fiverr Money!

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Today is special. It had been quite a while since we had a guest from freelancing world and here we… Read Entire Story

How to Track Events, Links / Images Traffic in Google Analytics?

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“That which is measured, Improves”. Having an entrepreneurial mind set, you would keep improving… Read Entire Story

Should we forget SEO and CRO, and just focus on user experience?

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Successful eCommerce solutions have many facets. Solutions involve many disciplines and the industry has spawned a variety of specialists. With specialist expertise there always comes the danger of tunnel vision. Because SEO, CRO and user interface design experts have so much specialist knowledge and a love of what they do, there’s a risk that they look at sites in their own terms and with their own objectives at the forefront. And I’m not sure this is always helpful. What is always more productive is to focus on an overriding objective … Read Entire Story

Are you ready to take advantage of Google Certified Shops?

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Trust is always a big hurdle to overcome in eCommerce. How to dispel those nagging doubts in the mind of a shopper who hasn’t done business with you before, so they finally have the confidence to click on the ‘Pay Now’ button? If you could speak to them you’d tell them about all the other people who have bought things from you and been delighted with your service. How the goods were exactly as described, in A1 condition and delivered on or ahead of schedule. But this is the internet, there’s no opportunity to do that. And whatever goes through somebody’s mind in an instant is what will probably determine whether they complete the purchase or not. People… Read Entire Story

Online competitions – How to make sure your business always wins

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Do you run competitions on your eCommerce site? Do they always deliver what you’d hoped for? Sometimes creating the competition is the easy part – the challenge can be getting people to notice it and take part – and to achieve whatever business objective you were after. Competitions can be a valuable addition to the eCommerce toolbox. They’re a great way to drive new traffic to your website and promote particular products. They’re often also used to help build loyalty, grow your mailing list and boost your following on social media. They are often a cheaper way of getting to a mass audience than print or broadcast advertising. The main purpose of a competition is usually to … Read Entire Story