4 WordPress Formatting Tips to Make Your Posts More Readable

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This post is by ProBlogger Writing Expert Ali Luke You’ve finished your post, and you breathe a sigh of relief. After a quick edit you publish it to your blog, and wait for the comments, tweets, shares, or any sort of feedback. But once again, you get nothing. There may as well be no-one reading it. So what’s the problem? It could be that your writing isn’t as strong as it … Read Entire Story

How to Plan Your Blog Post from Start to Finish

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This is a post by ProBlogger expert Ali Luke Do you plan your blog posts? Or do you dive straight into the writing? A lot of bloggers barely plan their posts (if they plan them at all). They’re either too eager to get started, or feel rushed and see planning as a waste of time. But taking just five minutes to plan your posts can make a huge difference to your blogging. … Read Entire Story

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Blog Posts More Conversational

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This post is by ProBlogger writing expert Ali Luke You’ve probably heard that your blog posts need to be “conversational”. You may also have been told why: to create a sense of connection with your reader, keep them engaged, and make your blog sound less like a lecture and more like a discussion. That’s all true. But making your writing “conversational” can be tricky – especially if you come from a business or… Read Entire Story

Should You Disable Comments on Your Blog?

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This is a post by ProBlogger expert Ali Luke When you started out blogging, you were probably thrilled when you got a comment. People were reading your posts, and cared enough to leave their own thoughts. As time went by, you probably found some of the comments very useful. Maybe they sparked off an idea for a different post, or gave you a perspective you wouldn’t have otherwise considered. But … Read Entire Story

Find and Pitch the Perfect Guest Posting Opportunities

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Today ProBlogger Subject Matter Expert Ali Luke is guest posting about guest posting.So, you’ve realised that guest posting has loads of benefits for you and your blog, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it.Maybe you’re worried that you don’t have enough experience.Perhaps you haven’t even got an active blog of your own right now.That’s absolutely fine. Most host blogs just want someone who can write reasonably well.(It’s … Read Entire Story

How Do You Blog Consistently When You Have Very Little Time?

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From ProBlogger Expert Ali Luke of Aliventures. Do you ever feel like your blog is yet another responsibility on a very long list? For the vast majority of bloggers, blogging has to fit in around an already full life. Perhaps you’re: Building an online business, which you’re marketing by blogging … but the business takes up loads of time Starting out as a freelancer writer, and building a client list through … Read Entire Story

Ten Simple Ways to Improve Any Blog Post in Minutes

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Are your blog posts as good as you want them to be? Perhaps you don’t seem to get many comments or shares. Or maybe your recent posts are great, but you feel like your older ones are lacking something. You don’t need to rewrite each post from scratch to improve it. Often, a few small tweaks can make a dramatic difference. Here are ten of my favorites to try out today: 1: Make the Title… Read Entire Story

How to Come up With More Than Enough (Great) Ideas for Your Blog

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Do you ever sit staring at your computer screen, wondering what the heck you’re going to post about? Maybe you scramble around for an idea – any idea! – and then rush into it. Or maybe you give up, and you don’t write a post at all. Coming up with enough ideas for your blog can be daunting, whatever stage you’re at. If you’ve just started blogging, you might be struggling to decide… Read Entire Story

Bundle Like a Boss: How to Put Together Irresistible Product Packages

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Would you like to make more sales — and more money per sale? Stupid question, I know. One really simple way to get both is to create an irresistible bundle of products that your audience can’t wait to get their hands on. Let’s say you’ve created your first minimum viable product. In fact, you’ve done more than that: You’ve been offering digital products for quite a while now. But you’ve seen other entrepreneurs sell … Read Entire Story