New Year, New Outlook: TopRank Marketing’s 2018 Integrated Digital Marketing Predictions

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The new year is barely underway and already we’re already seeing significant shifts in digital marketing. Facebook recently announced their decision to favor friends over brands in news feeds and YouTube has tightened the reins on what channels can be monetized. And this is just within the first few weeks of the year. Undoubtedly, digital marketing tactics like content marketing, SEO, paid, influencer marketing and social media will all face changes in the coming year. Some of which we’ll be able to predict, and some of which we won’t. However, … Read Entire Story

Content Conversations: Content Marketing Predictions for 2018

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Last year around this time, we asked reached out to a series of content experts (many of which are included in this post), to ask them for their top content prediction for 2017. By and large, the explosion of video content was a top prediction and rang true this year. We also received predictions related to the mistrust of news sources (#FakeNews anyone?), the need for restructure within marketing departments as content marketing roles become more defined and the necessity for a defined content marketing strategy. And while each of these predictions were spot on) or very close to what we’ve experienced this year), some of … Read Entire Story

The TopRank Marketing Team Reflects & Gives Thanks

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Today is a day that has become a cornerstone of American tradition and many of you are preparing for a day of fun and feasting with your love ones. Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions. For many families, you spend the day cooking, eating, conversing and eating some more. Others (like myself) take a more non-traditional approach and host a Friendsgiving with no turkey (don’t worry, there is prime rib). The team at TopRank Marketing has our own Thanksgiving tradition which includes asking our team members to share thanks on a specific topic each year. Last year we shared why we were thankful for our clients and the year before… Read Entire Story

If You Only Had $1k to Invest in Content Marketing, How Would You Spend it?

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Budget is always top of mind for content marketers, but especially this time of year. In order to get even close to the budget that you want or need, you have to justify the spend. Unfortunately, we’ve been ineffective at content for a while. But the question is, can we change the narrative? In his presentation last week at the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum, GE Digital’s Chris Moody gave the audience insights into why we’re ineffective, and what we can do to improve, without having to spend a significant amount of money. Where Are We Failing? While approach and hurdles will vary … Read Entire Story

Making B2B Marketing Gold: A Look Back at MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum #MPB2B

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Image via MarketingProfs To open up the 2017 MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum, Chief Content Officer Ann Handley shared a challenge for attendees to keep top of mind while at the conference (in addition to tap dancing, but more about that later): #1 – Find Your Squad This has been a running theme for the B2B Marketing Forum for as long as I can remember. Because the conference is capped at around 1,000 attendees, you actually have the opportunity to run into some familiar faces during the conference. Even if you traveled to the event with members of your own team, it’s important to… Read Entire Story

Must-See Sessions & Top Tips for Finding Your Squad at #MPB2B

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For some people the happiest place on earth is Disneyland, for me, it’s the annual MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum in Boston. Last week, I ran a poll on Twitter to see what people were looking forward to most at the B2B Marketing Forum, and while many are interested in learning new B2B tactics and meeting other smart marketers (smarketers?), the vast majority are excited to see what Ann Handley has in store for this year’s conference. There are two things that make this conference one of my favorites: The content is amazing. The people are amazing. This is my third year attending MPB2B and my first year speaking, so I’d like to think that … Read Entire Story

2018 B2B Content Marketing Report Indicates Marketers are Finding Content Marketing Success

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As a community, content marketers have experienced some significant ups and downs over the years. For every step forward we take toward content success, it sometimes seems like we take a couple backwards. But perhaps, this will be the year that changes. Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs just released their annual report–The 2018 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends. We’ve come to rely on this report to be a definitive content marketing guide of sorts that provides a finger on the pulse of our industry and shows how we align (or don’t) with our content marketing peers. In order to move forward, we … Read Entire Story

Top Insights, Takeaways & Favorite Moments from #SocialBrand17

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For the past six years Nick Westergaard has brought speakers from around the United States to the good people of Iowa for his annual Social Brand Forum. This event has drawn speakers like Lee Odden, Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi, Jay Baer, Tim Washer, Scott Monty, Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan and many more! This year, I was lucky to join some amazing speakers including Robert Rose, Melissa Agnes, Jason Falls and Marcus Sheridan as one of… Read Entire Story

4 Tips to Stop Killing Your Content Team from Workfront & Nordstrom

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The pressure is on! Content marketers are being expected to create more with less. And often, that means creating more content without adding additional team members. Unfortunately, the content copywriters are often the ones that bear the brunt of these situations which can be exhausting and cause content burnout. To help ease the pain, Workfront’s Heather Hurst and Nordstrom’s Erica Gunn shared some great tips to help you scale work with the resources you have in their presentation at Content Marketing World. Want to keep your content team happy and productive? Here’s what to do: #1 – Build a Business Case Ok listen up, this part is important: Before you start anything, you need to understand why you’re doing… Read Entire Story

An Ode to Content Marketing World: A Look Back at Some of Our Favorite #CMWorld Moments

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Can you imagine life before Content Marketing World? I can’t, and I will only be attending my third year of this information-packed conference this week. What Joe Pulizzi, Cathy McPhillips and the rest of the team at Content Marketing Institute have built over the past 7 years is truly amazing. Each day is filled with learnings from top content marketers, fun games and lunch and learns and awesome after-parties. Below you’ll find fun some highlights from our involvement from Content Marketing World’s inception, to happenings at the conference this week. Enjoy! 2011: When it all Began As I… Read Entire Story

Digital Summit Minneapolis: A Look Back at What We Learned

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Parting [ways after an amazing conference] is such sweet sorrow. Your energy is high, your brain is full and you feel the love of other like-minded marketers. Sometimes however, it’s hard to keep that drive alive once the closing keynote has commenced and you resume your normal routine. But what if instead of going about business as usual, you keep the momentum going? Our team was very fortunate to participate in an event this week in our own backyard, the 2017 Digital Summit in Minneapolis. In addition to speaking, we had a large group of team members attend to gain new knowledge, created live blog coverage of the event, and hosted an attendee … Read Entire Story

12 Must-See Speakers at Digital Marketing Summit Minneapolis #DSMPLS

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As marketers, our jobs require that we prioritize ongoing education and learning in order to remain relevant and competitive. Fortunately for us, there are a plethora of ways to gain this knowledge. One of the most effective (and my personal favorite) ways to keep learning is to attend industry conferences. Not only do these events provide a ton of information, but they also allow you to surround yourself with other like-minded marketers that you can connect with and learn from. Not everyone can attend … Read Entire Story