Be careful who you listen to ON THE INTERNET

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This is the ONLY thing that separates those who succeed and those who fail

That lego song, “Everything is awesome,” always made me laugh. Everything is NOT awesome. Last week we scheduled a video shoot for today. And of course, everything that could go wrong… went wrong. I share the full story this new video. This is my first new YouTube video in more than a year. (I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I’ll share more about why I stopped doing YouTube videos… and why I’m bringing them back… soon). And inside it I share the big difference between those who succeed and those who fail. Even though I reference… Read Entire Story

How Suzanne Heyn Grew Her Audience To 7,366 Email Subscribers (And Made $14,000 Selling Online Courses)

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Suzanne Heyn is a spirituality and meditation teacher. She had a gift to share with the world, and she knew she could turn it into an online business. The problem? She knew she wanted to turn this skill and knowledge into an online course and sell it… …But she was struggling: “I’ve seen people become really successful and live their dream of a location-independent lifestyle, and I wanted that, too … but I still had nagging questions like: How much [content] do I have to include to make my course effective and worth the money? How do I launch a course and inspire people to buy it?” This isn’t an … Read Entire Story

$3000 one month. $0 the next. Freelancers HATE irregular income. Here’s why it happens and how to fix it for good.

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Nothing is more stressful than riding the dreaded “Income Rollercoaster.” You might pull in $3000 one month… …and then ZILCH the following month. Even if you’ve done it for a while, and know things usually work out in the end, you never know when your clients will “dry up,” and that’s worrisome. BECAUSE YOU GOT BILLS TO PAY! It just plain sucks, and you can’t help but think, “How did I end up in this position anyway?” Here’s The Real Problem That Plagues Most Service Providers At first, you might think, “I just need more clients every month,” but is that really… Read Entire Story

Why You Never Finished Your Online Course (And How To Fix It)

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When I asked people if they were interested in creating and selling an online course, 96.73% of people said yes. And who could blame them? I believe creating and selling online courses is one of the smartest ways to start – and grow – an online business. The problem? People go about it the wrong way. I’ll explain… Most people learn by watching what other people do. So when you watch someone like me create and sell an online course, here’s what you see: 1. You see that I create bigger courses that last between 4 and 8 weeks. 2. You see that I use multimedia, including: videos, screencasts, worksheets, and more. 3. You see … Read Entire Story

Need an idea for an online course? HERE YOU GO!

The online course market hit $187.5 billion just a year ago… and it looks like it’s going to grow to $244 billion by 2022. And that’s why you see so many people creating – and selling – online courses about all sorts of weird topics. People sell courses that show people how to use excel for small business. They show people how to create remarkable reports that help business owners run their business better – and they do well doing it. People sell courses about how to take better pictures of your newborn baby. And if you think about it, it makes sense. Not everyone can afford to hire a professional photographer for pictures, so might as well teach people how to … Read Entire Story

The SECRET behind why I get free stuff, never wait in line, and get treated better than most people as a customer

I don’t say this to brag, but I get treated very well by a lot of companies: When I go to the coffee shop, I often get my coffee for free. When I wanted a new pair of shoes from a specific store, my sales rep hand-delivered them to my house, so I didn’t have to deal with “traffic” to get to the store. While traveling on speaking, I forgot my shaving cream. And a manager from Nordstrom drove 30 miles to hand deliver me my … Read Entire Story

Meet Felicia, the Spiritual Teacher Who Made $11,000 in 5 Days

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Felicia Giouzelis is a spiritual teacher and master healer. She didn’t have a large audience for her own business. And her launches took too long, for too little revenue… She just couldn’t quite figure out how to sell online, where you can’t talk to people face-to-face. That’s why she joined Yes Engines and realized: “I was basically leaving leads on the table and not converting.” Ugh. When you don’t have thousands and thousands of subscribers, there’s nothing worse than that. But here’s how Yes Engines helped Felicia turn things around… So Do You Need a Huge Email List to Make Money Online? Felicia didn’t have a huge audience. But do you … Read Entire Story

Meet Hartmut, the Freelance Software Developer Instantly Closed a 6-Month Retainer Contract… On His Terms!

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Hartmut Goetze is a freelancer who works with software development teams. And he’s a freelancer by CHOICE because he values his flexibility. But it wasn’t always easy to get high-paying clients on his own terms… until he completely changed his sales conversations using the Yes Engines system. Now he says: “I am able to close higher-value contracts with more flexible working conditions than before.” The Freelancer’s Dilemma: Work Flexibility Vs. Income Rollercoaster If you’re a freelancer, you might be familiar with this: To get clients, you compromise. You work on the days you said you didn’t want to work. You do extra meetings or revisions. You work with a client even though you know it’s not … Read Entire Story

They Moved 1500 Miles from Home, Lost Multiple Revenue Streams, and Still Grew Their Business by 32% – Here’s How

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Meet Adam and Livia. They made $12,000 with their first Yes Engines launch, while living in Hungary where the average monthly salary – YES MONTHLY – is a mere $500. But they’ve come even further than that: Today they live in the UK and run a self-sufficient business built on the Yes Engines sales system. “We did it. We’re self-sufficient, we live and work on our own terms, and we know how to grow further.” So how did they do it? Are You In Control? Or Is Your Business at the Whim of Other … Read Entire Story

The biggest lie you tell yourself (and it keeps you broke, unhappy, and miserable)

When you want to pursue something, there’s a good chance you’re already doing something else. Maybe you have a full-time job. Maybe have a pack of kids screaming for more candy. Maybe you have a job, kids, AND a sick relative. Time is TIGHT. And you’re tired. So, you tell yourself, “I can’t do it now… I don’t have the time…” And I totally get it. Despite what these other motivational clowns say, “HUSTLE! SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK… Read Entire Story

The 7 Fatal Mistakes People Make Selling Stuff Online

When an entrepreneur asked Mark Cuban about the secret to success in business, he fired back: “Sales cure all.” And he’s 100% right. More sales means more revenue. And more revenue means you can do what you love and make a great living doing it. You no longer need to count the pennies in the couch before you make a decision. The problem is, people often make HUGE mistakes in their quest for generating more sales… …and I’ll reveal each of them today. Here’s Why You Must Fix Each Of These Mistakes Today I’m Derek Halpern, and I’m the founder of Social Triggers. You’re here because you heard I can help you sell more, at higher prices, without… Read Entire Story