Top Articles and My Goals Progress #14

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There are so many personal finance bloggers out there these days, and many of them started out just like I did – they were in debt and they desperately longed to get out. Their blog is simply a way for them to share their progress with the world and stay on track with their goals at the same time. At best, many of these bloggers come up with a decent way to save money with coupons, but out of this large group of debt-dumpers emerges a handful of truly insightful personal finance writers. These are the people that I love to find because their writing is often inspirational and motivational. Their articles don’t just talk about coupon clipping and saving money by finding foods near … Read Entire Story

Top 10 Cities to Grow Wealthy in the United States

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Want to know where you can live cheaply, but still make an impressive income? If you have thought about this before, then you are way ahead of where I was just a few years ago. When I graduated with my finance degree back in 2008, my home town region of West Michigan didn’t seem to be hiring anyone. So, I accepted an invite from my buddy and drove down to Boca Raton, Florida to try to land a job and start my career there (and to be honest, maybe catch a little bit of that beach life as well). I had absolutely no idea that some areas were known for … Read Entire Story

$250k to Raise a Kid? I Don’t Think So!

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If you Google, “How much does it cost to raise a kid?”, you’ll get estimates ranging from $245,000 all the way up to $455,000 for the high cost-of-living areas. In this world of selfishness and greed where people are already turned off from having children (because it would force them to think about and care for someone other than themselves), numbers like these will only solidify their decision to stay selfish and never have children! What if… Read Entire Story

Awesome Articles and Gains on Goals #13

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Every week I read dozens of personal finance articles. Some of them are absolute crap, others are okay, but there are always a handful that impress me more than all the others. These articles are the ones that I like to share with you, my loyal readers.Top 4 Personal Finance Articles From This Past WeekThis past week I found four of those impressive articles. Have a look and enjoy, but don’t forget to read about the progress I’m making on my site below!Make Money Blogging – by Retire by 40 – Have you ever thought about starting a blog to make some money? … Read Entire Story

10.5 Ways to Cope Without Cable

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I meet so many people that, after a few minutes of the typical meet and greet stuff, start talking about something that was on cable the previous night and then ask if I had seen it. I typically answer with, “No, I don’t really have TV” and their jaw drops as if I COULD NOT POSSIBLY LIVE WITHOUT CABLE! I feel utterly sorry for these people that sit inside their homes on sunny days and click through the hundreds of channels of crap, experience nothing worthwhile, and pay $100 a month to do it. They should not be … Read Entire Story

How I Increased My Blog Traffic by 79% in 12 Weeks

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Bloggers are always looking for the next secret to build their online community faster, stronger, and with less effort than before. They eyeball companies that promise to build their Twitter followers to record numbers, that can improve their quantity of inbound links, and some of them even attempt to build their content by manipulating a few words of someone else’s article and then calling it their own. Each one of these methods might work temporarily, but ultimately you’ll be found out and your blog will tumble along with all the others.In late December of last … Read Entire Story

5 Things I Learned While Paying Off My Mortgage

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Last year I spent every waking moment thinking about paying off my mortgage. “How am I going to pay this off by the end of the year? How can I save more money? How can I earn more money?” At times, it was probably unhealthy, but I learned a ton during that 2014 year, both about myself and about others. Here is a compilation of everything that I now realize after paying off my mortgage.1) You Will Relate to NO ONEIn that first month I was extremely excited to do … Read Entire Story