How to Crush Local Search in 2018 with Google My Business Page Optimization

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Are you having trouble cracking into the local map pack – those coveted three prominent positions in local search? With competition growing increasingly difficult, your Google My Business (GMB) profile can make or break the success of your local SEO campaign. And with even Google themselves reporting that 76% of local searches result in a same-day visit to a store, it’s easy to see how a strong search presence in your area is more critical than ever before. Using these exact tactics to optimize our GMB profile, we have seen a large increase in new local leads to our own business and higher visibility, so these strategies are tested and proven to yield results. If… Read Entire Story

8 Benefits of Outsourcing Game Development

You know a key to making your business successful is deciding which tasks to do yourself and which to hire out. It can be different for every industry and can even change during the course of business. In the beginning, most entrepreneurs do all the work of the business themselves, especially if they are short on capital. However, as the company grows, it’s usually cost-efficient to outsource some work to other sources. If you work in the gaming industry, you may have heard about outsourcing development to offshore software companies. Is this a good strategy? Of course, the answer depends on the exact details of your unique business situation, but it can be a good option for many small business… Read Entire Story

What’s Happening With Your Blog?

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If you are a writer, then no doubt you have a blog hosted somewhere on the internet. The chances are you have used either WordPress or Blogger (perhaps both), and make have even taken the extra step to self-host your blog, on the account you have much more freedom to make changes to your website. Blogging can be lonely, especially in the early stages when you feel as though you are writing content that nobody is ever going to read. Aside from the jolt… Read Entire Story

Google’s Revamped SEO Guide, Boost Your Content Creation Efforts, Run a Hashtag Campaign, Speedlink 52:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. And we are now on Speedlink’s 52nd Edition I can’t believe I actually made it through another year. It is really awesome to be able to share great stuff that goes out there every single week. This will be the last one, for this year at least. Have a Happy Holidays and all the best in 2018. A revamped SEO Starter Guide Google has revamped its official SEO Starter … Read Entire Story

Google’s New Long Snippets, Influencer Disclosure Guidelines, How to Build Links in 2018, Speedlink 50:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Snippets and meta descriptions have brand-new character limits, and it’s a big change for Google and SEOs alike. Learn about what’s new, when it changed, and what it all means for SEO in this edition of Whiteboard Friday video below. What Do Google’s New, Longer Snippets Mean for SEO? Influencer Disclosure Guidelines: What Marketers and Creators Need to Know Do you work with influencers? Wondering how best to comply with disclosure guidelines? #1: Use Built-In Disclosure Tools for Top Social Platforms #2: Follow Disclosure Best Practices if No… Read Entire Story

3 Tips for Managing Client Invoices

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Running a business means collecting money from your customers. The time-honored way of collecting payment is through invoicing customers with a detailed list of the products or services you provided. It’s a necessary part of your bookkeeping if you’re going to keep money flowing in. But if bookkeeping isn’t your strong point or you don’t have much time to balance your paperwork duties with your operational duties, you’ll get behind on repayment. Here are some tips to help you manage invoices so you keep money flowing and spend less time chasing paperwork around. Set Up Recurring Invoices Image via Flickr by vclub2010 Have a customer that you do the same job… Read Entire Story

Ways To Prevent Intellectual Property Theft

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Intellectual property, or IP, is a major driver of today’s economy. IP comes in the form of websites, blogs, software, and even logos. Since much of IP is locked up in the thoughts and ideas behind the website, software, or graphic, the final product is intangible. That means it isn’t possible to pick up IP and hold onto it with your hands. That intangibility and the difficulty in pinpointing an owner are two factors that make IP theft so easy. Anyone with a mind to steal IP can often take what they want and alter it to make it their own. Here are three ways to stop this type of… Read Entire Story

Content Flow to Maximize SEO, Changing Article Dates (safe or risky), Optimizing a YouTube Channel, Speedlink 49:2017

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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. Controlling and improving the flow of your on-site content can actually help your SEO. What’s the best way to capitalize on the opportunity present in your page design? In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he covers the questions you need to ask (and answer) and the goals you should strive for in today’s Whiteboard Friday. Designing a Page’s Content Flow to Maximize SEO Opportunity Safe or Risky SEO: How Dangerous Is It REALLY to Change Your Article Dates? Fresh content is a powerful currency when it comes to search. Not only does fresh … Read Entire Story

Online Tools That Bloggers Can Have At Their Disposal

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Top 5 useful online tools for bloggers Move over magazines, blogs are here to stay! From literature to travel to food and lifestyle, the average millennial’s life is empty without following up on their favourite blogs. What’s not to like? They are basically first-hand compact accounts that involve tutorials, reviews, opinions, and the like. There’s something available for everybody. If you are a blogger, you already know that the success of a blog depends entirely on the views, positive reviews, and shares it receives on social media. This kind of mass popularity depends on two indispensable criteria: the content and the advertising. While the content can initially be tweaked to suit your preferences by hiring essay writers, … Read Entire Story

Targeting Competitors Keywords, Semantic HTML5 for Content Writers, Google Chrome Extensions for SM Marketers, Speedlink 48:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. You don’t want to try to rank for every one of your competitors’ keywords. Like most things with SEO, it’s important to be strategic and intentional with your decisions. In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he shares his recommended process for understanding your funnel, identifying the right competitors to track, and prioritizing which of their keywords you ought to target. Which of My Competitor’s Keywords Should (& Shouldn’t ) I Target? Semantic HTML5 for… Read Entire Story

Paid Ads Influence Organic Results, Optimize Retargeting Ad Campaigns, Content GAP Analysis, Speedlink 47:2017

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week. It’s common industry knowledge that PPC can have an effect on our organic results. But what effect is that, exactly, and how does it work? In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday video below, he covers the ways paid ads influence organic results — and one very important way it doesn’t. How Google AdWords (PPC) Does and Doesn’t Affect Organic Results 7 Ways to Improve Your Retargeting Ad Campaigns Wondering how efficient your ad spend is? Looking for tips to help you monitor and manage your retargeting campaigns more effectively? #1: Run Separate Campaigns to New and Retargeting Audiences #… Read Entire Story

The Importance Of Keywords For Online Sales

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In the digital age, not having an online presence established for your business is what some might consider now as business suicide. It’s almost unthinkable as to why businesses would forego making a mark in the online stream due to the many great benefits that being online presents to them. Customers no longer are just restricted to hearing about and being influenced by the trimedia (TV, radio, and print) – they are now in the digital stream and this is where your business can, most likely, get the biggest exposure in… Read Entire Story