4 Ways to Build Credit for Those with No Credit

You can put on a fancy suit and act professional if you are looking for a loan, but your credit score is the first impression that you give as a borrower.  Whether it is getting a credit card, a personal loan, or a mortgage when it is time to stop renting, your credit score will determine the amount of interest that you pay each month, that can add up to thousands a year.  Whether you have had credit troubles in the past and are starting over, or you are just now old enough to … Read Entire Story

Picking One Out of Hundreds: Questions to Answer When Shopping for a New Car

Despite the obvious similarity that all cars have the same basic features as they come with an engine, four wheels and a steering wheel, they couldn’t be more different either, and there is a dazzling array of over four hundred new models entering the marketplace each year. Trying to choose the one that is right for you has probably never been so difficult and even if you have a favorite brand, there are still plenty of options left to consider before you settle on the new car that you want to drive away. Here is a … Read Entire Story

4 Reasons to Use a Credit Card for All Purchases

It used to be that using a credit card for purchase was a bad thing.  In fact, it used to be implied that using a credit card meant that you actually didn’t have the money and would put it on the card so you can worry about paying it off later.  While that is true to the fact that you can pay later (usually takes a few weeks for the statement period to be over to pay by the due date), it actually makes perfect financial sense to not only use a credit card, but to … Read Entire Story

Sustainable Health on a Budget

In some cases, losing weight can mean losing money out of the monthly budget. Between completely changing how you eat and engaging in more physical activity, some are scared of losing productivity while other are nervous about increased spending. However, becoming “healthy” does not mean that all the sudden you will be spending all your savings on “energy juices” or expensive supplements. There are plenty of ways to be thrifty with your weight loss journey and make the most of both your resources… Read Entire Story

Positioning Your Business for What’s Over the Horizon

Having a “successful business” is really only a temporary state. In order for businesses to stay at the forefront of their industry, it has to be constantly evolving and adapting to the world as it changes. It’s not even enough to be “with the times”, nowadays you have to be before the times, constantly pushing the envelope of what is expected of you by your clients, customers, partners and society as a whole. If you feel like you are just on the edge of what is currently acceptable, it’s time to… Read Entire Story

5 Ways to Prove You are a Financial Adult

Technically you are legally an adult once you hit eighteen years old, but when it comes to finances, what does it mean when you have grown up?  If you are blowing every penny you have on unnecessary expenses, living beyond your means, and not saving a penny, then I would say that you have plenty of growing to do if you want to reach financial adulthood, if you will.  If you are wondering what sets you apart from the adults and children when it comes to finances, there are plenty of ways that prove you have financially grown up. Can Hold Down a Successful Budget You may have proven just how ahead of the game you are if you have… Read Entire Story

7 Financial Trends that May Impact Your Business

Whether you are directly involved in the financial sector or not, it is always a good idea to keep track of emerging trends that may impact you and your business. They could mean opportunities or threats to your company. In our increasingly interconnected world, what happens in one industry can point to potential trends in other sectors. Many industries are in a state of flux at present, especially as new technologies and business models are disrupting even the most established industries. Not surprisingly, most of the trends are technology related. Let’s look… Read Entire Story

Should I Consider Filing for Personal Bankruptcy? A Brief Overview

If you are looking for a way to get a better handle on your finances, personal bankruptcy may be the best option available to you. There are two different types of bankruptcy available to individuals, and the type that you qualify for depends on your income and assets. You should also consider your future financial goals when determining if bankruptcy is worth pursuing. Chapter 7 Is Known as Liquidation Bankruptcy Those who file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case… Read Entire Story

Flat Tire? Learn These 5 Skills Before Hitting the Road

Seasoned drivers understand that grasping the basics of driving is just the beginning. At any given time, you might find yourself stuck in a sticky, or even dangerous, situation due to complications with your vehicle. As a daily driver, you can start by arming yourself against unforeseen issues by learning a set of skills meant to get you out of unwanted circumstances. When on the road, we never know when problem will arise, so having knowledge of how to resolve the most common problems can prepare you for whatever obstacles come your way. These skills can not only save time and money when on the road, but also help tremendously in avoiding dangerous situations. Here are some of the most vital skills any driver … Read Entire Story

5 Signs Your Significant Other Might Not Be Financially Stable

Now there is a difference between those than have a financial problem and are working on it versus someone that is clueless or just simply does not care.  Those improving their situation by all means is a deal breaker, but for those that seem to be lacking financial stability, it may be something you re-think if you start sharing income or even walk down that aisle to get married and you are responsible for each other’s finances.  If you are worried, take a look for a few warning signs. Unpaid Bills a Problem? If you spend enough time with someone you are… Read Entire Story

7 Unnecessary Purchases You Can Easily Avoid

These days with so many eye-catching purchases to be made you need to have a strict budget and remove any unnecessary purchases in order to get ahead each month and hopefully have a little left over to put towards saving.  Among those that can drain your wallet, there are a few purchases that can be deemed unnecessary and are definitely avoidable. Magazines As quick as the news travels through TV and social media now, the print in a magazine is already old news by the time you read it, so much that the “exclusive” stories are probably fabricated enough just to pull you … Read Entire Story

4 Things You Can Do with Undeveloped Land to Make a Profit

It’s true that while we live in the age when patents and intellectual property seem to be fortune makers, we can’t forget about one of the most traditional forms of value: land. Back in the day, how much land you owned was a determinant of your wealth and power, however, since then we have turned to other methods to measure success and influence (like the number of Twitter followers, for example). However, no one will argue the fact that owning land is still a very good investment. Apart from dips in the real estate market, owning land is a much … Read Entire Story