4 Side Hustles You Can Start If You Have A Pick-Up Truck

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When it comes to finding more money in your budget, there is only so much you can do to cut your spending and live frugally. At some point, you might find that you can’t cut anymore — or that you don’t want to (after all, life is about living, too). This is when it becomes obvious that you might need to come up with some additional income. This is fortunate because there are a number of ways you can start a side … Read Entire Story

9 Common Ways You Could Be Wasting Your Money

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Most of us scoff at the idea of just throwing money away. However, you might actually be doing just that — every day. There are a number of practices, seemingly commonplace, that result in wasted money each month. If you are trying to figure out what has happened to your budget, and trying to pinpoint where your money is leaking away to, here are 9 common ways that you could be wasting your money: Credit card balances: Anytime you carry a balance on your credit card, you are paying the price in interest charges. Interest is money you pay for the privilege of borrowing. Stop carrying a balance, and you will find that you have more money in your pocket. Interest rates and fees: Call… Read Entire Story

How To Protect Your Identity While Traveling

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I‘ve done a lot of traveling in recent weeks. Not only have I moved across the country, but other than that, I’ve also gone on several small trips, including a trip to Dallas. In these few months, I’ve had two different cards throw up fraud alerts. These were alerts on my own spending, but it did feel somewhat comforting to know that there are some protections in place against identity theft that come with my cards (although somewhat inconvenient to clear up). You might be surprised at how easy it can be for someone to steal your identity while … Read Entire Story

Do You Know What REALLY Affects Your Credit Score?

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Many consumers are aware that a credit score is an important part of their finances. In recent years, a credit score has become an indicator of your financial wellbeing and reputation. Even companies that aren’t lending you money might be interested in your credit score. As a result, it’s important to keep tabs on your credit score, and understand what is likely to impact your score. Unfortunately, there is some confusion over what is likely to… Read Entire Story

Looking For A Job? Don’t Forget The Tax Deductions!

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In this tough economy, a lot of people are looking for jobs, or for one reason or another have just quit their job. If you’ve spent some time and effort — and money — on your job search this year, you might be eligible for a few tax breaks. Indeed, many of the expenses that you are likely to incur during a job search are tax-deductible. Can You Deduct That Job Search Expense? Before you get excited, though, you need to be aware of the caveats. First of all, you can’t deduct job search expenses if you have had a long break since … Read Entire Story

Are You Ready Financially And Emotionally To Buy A Home?

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One of the big financial and life milestones that our society still values is the purchase of a home. We assume that a home is going to be a solid investment, even if it’s more of an emotional investment than a financial investment. But are you really ready to buy a home? Casey Fleming is the founder of LoanGuide.com, and he has decades of experience in the mortgage industry. He sees plenty of people buy homes when they aren’t… Read Entire Story

Is It Time to Dip Into Your Emergency Fund?

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One of the most important things you can do for your financial security is to build an emergency fund. Unfortunately, many Americans aren’t prepared with a fund that they can tap in the event of a financial emergency. The Americans that do have an emergency fund, though, might not know when to tap into it. It’s easy to feel as though any setback is an emergency. Another temptation is the fact that you have a … Read Entire Story

How To Recover After Bankruptcy

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For the most part, bankruptcy should be the action of last resort when it comes to your money issues. However, there are times when bankruptcy really is the last option you have left. If you have experienced a long-term employment problem, or if you have had a medical problem that causes you financial distress, bankruptcy might be your last option. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, however, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of your financial life. You can rebuild after bankruptcy, but it takes effort. As you work to overcome bankruptcy, and avoid financial setbacks in … Read Entire Story

Is A Zero Based Budget Right For You?

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One of the budgeting techniques that has gained some popularity in recent years is the zero based budget. In this budget, you make sure that every dollar is accounted for at the beginning of the month. You look at what you expect to get in terms of a paycheck, and then use every penny to pay bills, or accomplish your goals. As part of your budget, you decide what will go to debt reduction, or to building an emergency fund, or to your retirement account. You can also put money toward a vacation or some other goal, on top of making sure your groceries, gas, insurance premiums and other expenses are… Read Entire Story

When to Do a Balance Transfer to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

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One of the pitfalls that many first-time (and even long-time) credit card users run into is racking up a balance that can’t be paid off in one month. This might happen when you’ve had an unexpected financial emergency and things are tight one month, or because you ended up getting in over your head… Read Entire Story

Who Do You Trust For Money Advice?

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For many of us, it’s difficult to know what to do when it comes to our finances. There are so many decisions to make. While the basic “live within your means” advice can apply, the reality is that there is more to money management than making sure that your expenses are smaller than your income. What do you do to save for retirement? What’s the best course of action when trying to pay down debt? There’s a lot to think about, and it makes sense to carefully consider who you will trust for money advice. Who Can You Turn To? One of the more interesting bits of information I read recently is the fact that millennials trust their parents… Read Entire Story

Your Grocery Bill Could Rise with Dairy Prices

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One of the items that consumers have to contend with is inflation. Prices are always going up — even if wages are stagnating. Recently, one of the areas that has seen some rather dramatic inflation is dairy. According to Marketwatch, dairy prices rose 0.7 percent between January and February of 2014, and milk has risen by 10 cents a gallon since September 2013. What does this mean for your grocery budget? It means that you could be spending more at the store. Rising dairy prices mean that you pay extra for more than just milk. Cheese, butter, cream, and other items also cost more when dairy prices rise. If you are looking for a little inflation protection when it comes to your food budget… Read Entire Story