7 Smart Tips to Become a Connected Blogger

I scanned my list of 126 eBooks this morning. First up? 13 Tips to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle If you are struggling to get connected with fellow bloggers, wondering why all the guest posting opportunities and features seem to be evading you, buy the eBook. Anyway, I wanted to dissect the first 7 chapters of the eBook to help you make your blogger outreach campaign go. Connected bloggers with loads of … Read Entire Story

Are You Struggling to Find Clients for Your Blog Coaching Business?

Blog coaching is a lucrative, enjoyable income stream for any aspiring blogger. If you are helping people blog through your blog posts why not offer premium services designed to solve your reader’s problems? This stream is rewarding but challenging to work for most bloggers. Many of us have or had mental blocks concerning our abilities to successfully coach folks. Few bloggers develop the patience to remain detached from attracting clients during cold… Read Entire Story

Window Dressing Counts

Sometimes you get so caught up in certain aspects of running a blog that you forget the painfully obvious fact: creating and connecting are keys to building online success but the image you convey can make or break your campaign. I have found many rocking bloggers who seem to be doing the right thing. Maybe they comment effectively on my blog and tweet my post to form the basis of a strong friendship. … Read Entire Story

How NOT to Feel Like You Are on the Outside Looking in with Your Blog

This morning I received a follow up email from someone. I had read an email of theirs the prior day. The individual seemed like their heart was in the right place. Good vibes overall. But they wanted to place a link on my blog and they came in cold. Stranger. In essence, they were on the outside looking in, being an outsider, or not being an insider, in my blogging … Read Entire Story

2 Tips for Moving Higher in Blogging Circles Quickly

Moving up in blogging circles opens you up to prospering opportunities. You can expect traffic surges, increased profits and an overall expanded online presence when you make friends with successful bloggers. But you need to know how to network with blogging big dawgs to move up in blogging circles. Follow these 2 tips to hobnob with the blogging big dawgs of the world. 1: Be Compassionate with Successful Bloggers Being compassionate with successful bloggers… Read Entire Story

Are You Suffering from Blogging PSS?

PSS. Perpetual Student Syndrome. I filmed a quick video you can watch, enjoy and share now if you suffer from this blogging malady or know people who are having a tough time with this tendency. Video Learn. Learn. Learn some more. Then study, study, learn, buy a course, study it, learn, and then, wait on the sidelines because you are not ready to begin blogging, you tell yourself. Study a bit more. Get … Read Entire Story

5 Tips to Tap into Boundless Blogging Energy

In the past few weeks I have been called the King of Guest Posting and the King of Blog Commenting. I just write words. I type away at a keyboard. No big deal. But in the same regard, I do realize that I have cultivated my energy to such a degree that established bloggers see me as some type of dynamo. I assure you; even though I am 1/4 Transylvanian (my grandfather was Romanian… Read Entire Story

1 Analogy That Inspires You To Buy Blogging Products

I see many people excited to buy blogging products and services. Some spend money freely and easily to accelerate their blogging success. A portion of folks though have problems spending money on premium products and services to become a successful blogger. These bloggers would rather not spend money, adding years to their learning curve. If you are in this lot peep this analogy to learn how you can buy blogging products and hire bloggers for… Read Entire Story

How to Shift from Confused to Clear Blogger

Confusion. Every blogger’s enemy. Clarity. Every blogger’s best friend. Blogging gets easier for me every day because I do things mainly from a place of clarity versus from a place of confusion. I clearly take a few simple steps daily to have fun, to help folks and to build bonds which lead to pleasant outcomes. But I do not give much thought to outcomes. I am so busy with… Read Entire Story

What Mayweather-McGregor Teaches You About Successful Blogging

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I reminded myself of this idea before seeing the results of the Mayweather-McGregor fight recently. I saw this success-promoting concept after the fight too. Watch this video as I explain how the fight teaches you a successful blogging lesson: McGregor trained for boxing, for months. Mayweather trained for boxing, for years. Does it surprise you that the guy who trained for boxing, for years, outclassed … Read Entire Story

1 Mistake New And Experienced Bloggers Make

I just walked through Time Square in NYC. Everywhere I looked I saw evidence of the “B” word. No, not “Biddulph.” “Branding.” Before Biddulph traveled to NYC today he filmed a video in the crib explaining this 1 mistake common to both new and experienced bloggers. Most bloggers think “How can I get something out of this blog?” Versus “How can I create a memorable brand?” As … Read Entire Story

Successful Blogging and Earthquakes? 1 Lesson I Learned From Living through 3 Tiny Tremors

1 weird lesson emerged from me living through 3 earthquakes. Granted, the quakes were not too impressive. Just tiny tremors. But in the same vein, each of the earth shaking experiences – kinda – had an impact on me because I learned a successful blogging lesson from this trio of tremors. I explain the lesson I learned from each of the quakes in this video from Harlem, NYC. Bonus: at the 1:50 mark, a man screaming… Read Entire Story