Using Visual Content to Increase Blog Engagement

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This is a guest contribution from Tom More of  Visual content is your secret weapon to boosting blog engagement. The blog posts of today demand fresh, eye-catching content that can be read and shared easily, which makes videos, infographics, photos, and slideshows a perfect companion to blog posts. People absorb information quicker and more intuitively from images than text and visual content attracts more engagement on social media channels. Additionally, visual content is extremely easy to integrate into your current blog posts, as well as add to your past posts. On your blog homepage, strong visual content can sustain new visitors attention so they are more inclined… Read Entire Story

The One Easy Gmail Tip for Tracking and Testing

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We recently sponsored the slightly-awkwardly-named-but-totally-worthwhile Type-A Parent Conference in Atlanta, and so naturally the topic of email came up (surprise!), especially in relation to testing email forms with different email accounts. It can be a real pain to create yet another email address for your site, and so we all have only a few addresses to go around. Right? Wrong! If you have a gmail account – and who doesn’t? – you effectively have an infinite number of email addresses. And I was surprised how few of the experienced bloggers and content marketers I met on… Read Entire Story

How A Small Single-Topic Blog Can Pave Your Way To A Powerful Blog Network

Let’s face it: you’re not starting the next BuzzFeed. No matter how clever your headlines, you won’t match Upworthy’s viral success. Business Insider and Mashable? There is no chance you can match their traffic levels —… Read Entire Story

It’s Been 3 Years…What I Learned And What Works For Bloggers?

I’d be lying if I said that blogging hasn’t been tough because it’s been a nightmare. I’m the type of guy that wanted quick success and wanted to make an impact right away. I must have tried everything when starting and was disappointed when it didn’t work. However, I’m glad it happened because it’s been one of the best learning experiences ever. It made me a different person because you’d be surprised that success doesn’t only have to do with writing awesome content but making a few changes in character as well. When I sat … Read Entire Story

Blogging Fears: My site will look amateur

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This post is the fifth in the series of blogging fears (and how to overcome them). If you have lunch with writers, you’ll come away feeling insecure about your writing. If you have lunch with SEO experts you’ll want to do more with your SEO and if you have lunch with a designer, you’ll want to put your site in maintenance mode and never look at it again! There are many design principles for you to consider, if you… Read Entire Story

How to Use Article Marketing Effectively for Traffic Generation and SEO

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Article marketing has long been considered an easy way to build some back links to your site. Of course, the value passed to your site through these links is known to be virtually negligible. Smart bloggers have also learned that the quality of the… Read Entire Story

How to Know if You’re Entering a Viable Niche

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When western companies first visited a deregulated India, they were licking their fingers in anticipation. India was a country of just under one billion people at the time, and businessmen were seeing dollar signs everywhere they looked. But, numbers alone don’t make sales. Many companies burned themselves trying to get off the ground, because the vast majority of people simply couldn’t or wouldn’t buy their products. They learned — after a lot of trial and error — that sheer numbers aren’t everything. It’s impossible to know in advance if your business venture will be successful online. So, I suggest you look for one big factor before … Read Entire Story

You CAN Do Hangouts On Air (HOA) – Six Excuses Resolved

Since we have been doing Hangouts on Air each week for the Hot Blog Tips Newsletter Team, I have been encouraging others to give it a try. I often hear a few of the same excuses as to why “they” can’t do them. Let’s look at a few and see if we can’t get everyone The post You CAN Do Hangouts On Air (HOA) – Six Excuses Resolved appeared first on Blogging Tips For Bloggers – Learn Read Entire Story

Are Article Directories Still Effective for Link Building?

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As blog owners there is really nothing we love more than some good quality backlinks coming to our sites. The best backlinks are ones that come naturally from other bloggers and through social media. However not all of us can create incoming links simply by relying on outside bloggers and our site readers.For times like these many bloggers will look to alternative solutions to build incoming links. One of these alternatives is through article marketing and directories.The concept behind article directories is simple. Writers sign up to the web site and provide quality content and… Read Entire Story

How to Use Multivariate Testing to Build the Ultimate Opt-in Form

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This guest post is by Adam Connell of There’s a testing technique out there that’s not being used to its full potential—or even used at all by most website owners. Today I want to show you how you can use it to create the ultimate high-converting opt-in form. So what is multivariate testing? It’s essentially very similar to split testing. The difference is that it takes into account a… Read Entire Story