3 Things Beginning Conversion Optimizers Completely Miss The Mark On

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When most beginners start with conversion rate optimization, they get carried away by the rosy picture of A/B testing. Let’s test button colors? Or maybe call to action text? That should get us a win of at least 30-50%… I think. Unless you’re a giant like Amazon, you need to go beyond the random let-us-change-button-color-today kind of tests to move the needle through A/B testing. It’s not about tactics. It’s about the reaction your design creates in the mind of your visitors. There are three areas specifically that I’ve found beginning conversion rate optimizers completely miss the … Read Entire Story

Announcing New Integration Hub: Driving Customer Success with richer data

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We live in the age where businesses are striving to be customer companies – organizations centered completely around success of their clients. Building new products, educating, implementing, selling and supporting – all these efforts come together around one single business purpose that has never been defined more clearly than the definition of customer success. Revenue or not, success of your customers is the only thing that matters. At Totango we believe that data is king when it comes to customer success.  We believe that helping customers in ways that are smart, focused and effective requires insights composed of different data elements that ultimately comprise a total view of a certain customer. This belief is what makes us super excited to announce the Totango Integration… Read Entire Story

How Successful Marketers Use Pinterest to Drive Conversions (And How You Can Too)

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Driving conversions with Pinterest? Piece of cake. Image by Roxanne Ready via Flickr. Here’s a pretty crazy stat: Pinterest users pin more than 3,400 pins a minute. That’s good news for marketers using it in their campaigns – the more time people spend interacting with pins, the more exposure they have to your brand and the more likely they are to convert. And I’ve got the numbers to prove it: Shopify research that shows that Pinterest users are 10% more likely to buy than those referred from other social sites. Pinterest drives 300% more revenue per click than Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. With all this opportunity to convert leads, people are finding original and effective ways to use Pinterest to achieve their KPIs. Here’s how… Read Entire Story

A Quick Guide To Successful User Onboarding for SaaS Products

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You get people to sign up for your free SaaS trial – great! Trouble is, a significant percentage of users sign up for the trial, log in once, and never come back. You might as well have burned the money it took to acquire them. The reality is, you’ll never retain all of your customers & some of those reasons you can’t control: Not the right fit for their needs features or price wise Customer goes bankrupt CMO wants to switch technology Customer wants features that were never intended to be a part of the platform … Read Entire Story

The Tim Ferriss Show: Tracy DiNunzio on Rapid Growth and Rapid Learning

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This single interview with Tracy DiNunzio, founder of Tradesy, was recorded in three short parts.  You can: Listen to all three on iTunes Download them as MP3s (right click “save as”): Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Download the transcript (PDF, Word) Or stream them now below (If you’re reading this in e-mail, please click here to stream): This podcast is brought to you by The Tim Ferriss Book Club, which features a handful of books (4-6) that have changed my life.  Here is the list, … Read Entire Story

[Interview]: Easy Testing Tools and Personalization with Tim Ash

Tim Ash, Landing Page Optimization host, interviews Dennis van der Heijden, founder and CEO of Convert.com. Living in San Diego, Tim wanted to know how Convert.com got started, and of course, why in Cancun. “Well, I’m lucky to live there,” … Continue reading →The post [Interview]: Easy Testing Tools and Personalization with Tim Ash appeared first on Conversion Optimization Blog – Convert Insights. Read Entire Story

Customer Value Index 200: Customer-centric companies have a higher valuation

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We have written about the customer era before and pointed out how important the transformation is that is happening all over corporate america: now there is more proof that being customer centric is super profitable. Companies which focus on their customers get higher valuations and better investor returns on Wall Street. Forrester wrote about this phenomena in their book Outside In : companies which score high on the Forrester Customer Experience Index also outperform their peers on Wall Street. Now a savvy Wall Street investment firm has released an investment… Read Entire Story

The Email Marketing Report Card

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(Image source) li {margin-bottom:10px;} This is day 5, the last day, of our “Smart Email Marketing Conversion” week, make sure you check out the ones from earlier in the week if you missed them: Monday (today)“The Smart Guide to Email Marketing Conversion” ebook Tuesday3 Steps to Turn Your Blog Subscribers into Customers WednesdayCreating Irresistible Email Teaser Campaigns [Case Study] ThursdayHow to Write the Perfect Email Subject Line [Infographic] FridayThe Email Marketing Report Card Starting this week, you can access the Email Newsletter Report Card, a free tool to help you grade your … Read Entire Story

Beauty Pays: Beautiful Websites (and People) Get Better Results

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Does beauty sell? Most people would intuitively say ‘yes’, but what evidence is there that supports the claim? In today’s article we’ll take a look at the world of beautiful people, products, and design. How being beautiful has its upsides and sometimes, things to look out for. Welcome to the world of beautiful design, beautiful people, beautiful products, beautiful everything. I hope you enjoy your stay. Implications of being beautiful Beauty, money, and happiness Money can’t buy happiness, but maybe, just maybe, beauty can… what do you think? Economists at the University of Texas analyzed data from 5 large … Read Entire Story

How to Get The 4-Hour Chef Audiobook Free — Only Until 10am PST (1pm EST)

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Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey. NSFW. Many of you have been asking me for the audiobook version of The 4-Hour Chef. Now that I control the rights, I’d like to offer it to you… for free. The offer is at the end of this post, but first… Who should join me? I’ll record a lot myself, but I’d like to involve other voice actors for small bits and pieces. Who would you vote for? Here are some of my favorites. If you like any other… Read Entire Story

Practical Resources for Google Analytics

Thanks to everyone who joined us at Convert Academy on December 12th for Yehoshoua Coren’s webinar: Analysis Strategies to Improve Conversions Using Google Analytics. Here are Yehoshua’s recommended resources for Google Analytics: Custom Report Share Advanced Web Metrics with Google … Continue reading →The post Practical Resources for Google Analytics appeared first on Conversion Optimization Blog – Convert Insights. Read Entire Story

Save the date for the Customer Success Summit – March 14, 2013

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We are proud to present the first ever Customer Success Summit, an invite only, unconference style event on Thursday March 14, 2013. The agenda is tailored exclusively for senior executives responsible for making existing customers successful and profitable in Internet and Software companies. Expected in attendance are: Customer Success Execs, CEOs, Founders, Chief Revenue Officers, VPs Customer Engagement, VPs Marketing. Enterprises have seen the customer landscape evolve into a new beast that puts customers and their experiences up at the top. Companies realize the need to shift gears and connect and win over their loyalty and customer love. 2013 is quickly turning… Read Entire Story