Why One Entrepreneur Says If You Want to Change Your Life, Change Your Clothes

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George Brescia, a style expert and author of ‘Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life Because You Can’t Go Naked!,’ sits down with Jessica Abo to discuss how you can dress for success. Read Entire Story

5 Profitable Businesses You Could Start Today with Little Money

5 Profitable Businesses You Could Start Today with Little Money Jumping from the daily 9-5 routine of working for someone else to becoming your own boss can seem like an all-too-distant dream. Nonetheless, ideas for profitable businesses you might want to start float through your mind day and night. However, you fear that there simply isn’t a sufficiently strong market for the business idea that most appeals to you. Or you might be afraid that most businesses would require you to spend money you currently lack. But wait. You could actually be mistaken on both counts. Here are some ideas for exciting and profitable businesses that would require only a modest financial outlay. RELATED ARTICLE: 4 … Read Entire Story

3 Pieces of Business Software for Startup Owners to Consider

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3 Pieces of Business Software for Startup Owners to Consider When you start a new business, you’re often tasked with doing a majority of the work yourself. Therefore, sorting through your options for various pieces of business software is likely low on your list of priorities. First, you need to find all of your employees. Then, you’ll have to decide what types of products and services you want to offer. Next, comes strategizing about how you’re going… Read Entire Story

the Bespoke 50 — 1/18/18

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Every Thursday, Bespoke publishes its “Bespoke 50” list of top growth stocks in the Russell 3,000.  Our “Bespoke 50” portfolio is made up of the 50 stocks that fit a proprietary growth screen that we created a number of years ago.  Since inception in early 2012, the “Bespoke 50” has beaten the S&P 500 by 68.1 percentage points.  Through today, the “Bespoke 50” is up 171.7% since inception versus the S&P 500’s gain of 103.6%.  Always remember, though, that past performance is no guarantee of future returns. To view our “Bespoke 50” list of top growth stocks, click the button below and start a trial to either Read Entire Story

The Psychology of Modern Mobile Advertising

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Advertising is an art form. And like all art, ads require finesse and an element of humanity. People don’t want to engage with things that they don’t find relatable. This… Read more » (c) Noobpreneur.com Read Entire Story

Bitcoin or Business?

I’ve made a lot of money this past year from cryptocurrencies. It has not taken any skill whatsoever to do this. However, it has taken timing… and capital. I had to have money available, money I could afford to lose, and I had to invest this money during a speculative… The post Bitcoin or Business? appeared first on Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. Read Entire Story

These Tech Startups Are Stealing the Spotlight at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show

The event still revolves around cars and trucks, but startups that make tech to supplement driving have a strong presence this year. Read Entire Story

8 Benefits of Blockchain to Industries Beyond Cryptocurrency

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Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize everything from voting to stock trader. Read Entire Story

Your Customers Are the Key to Expanding Your Business

Your Customers Are the Key to Expanding Your Business As a business owner, you know only too well that without your customers, your business would grind to a halt. Your customers are your business’s lifeblood. You also know that the key to improving your bottom line is expanding your business. Depending on the nature of your business, expansion could mean opening new stores in multiple locations or adding new products or services to your current offerings. However, regardless of your expansion strategy, one thing remains constant: Your customers make expansion possible. Customers Are a Source of Revenue Your business needs money not only to stay operational, but also to spread its wings… Read Entire Story

Navigating Entrepreneurial Whiplash

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Abrupt emotional highs and lows come with the territory when you’re starting up something that matters to you. Read Entire Story

The Key to Achieving Goals: Consistent, Persistent Pursuit

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Are you consistent and persistent in your pursuit of what you want? Read Entire Story

5 Hacks for Launching an Events Management Startup

5 Hacks for Launching an Events Management Startup If you’re a good communicator and have the knack for making sure people have a good time, events management could be your calling. With the right equipment, staff and savvy, you could soon be earning a decent living. What’s more, you would be doing so by pulling together product launches and sumptuous soirées for exciting clients. But your new career requires research. Here are 5 hacks for launching an events management startup. RELATED ARTICLE: HIGHLY ENGAGING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN THE EVENT INDUSTRY Marquee If you’re running an events management company in a country with a changeable climate, invest in a marquee to shade guests from the sun or keep them dry during … Read Entire Story