The Future of Social Networking is Pink, by Lahle Wolf

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Lisa Friends:we all agree I think that NETWORKING IS KEY TO BUSINESS SUCCESS! And it appears that we gals do it a little differently than the guys. Women tend to use social networking for resources, research, and making business connections. See what blogger Lahle Wolf has to say in her helpful piece below. Look for Lahle’s link on our blogroll to the right. The Number of Women Using Social Networks Far Outpaces Men Lahle Wolf By     Lahle Wolfe,     Do Women Network Differently Than Men? Of course we do. But do we do it more effectively? Again, the answer is “yes,” at least from a statistical standpoint.According to the Center for Women’s Business … Read Entire Story

Is This Industry Disruptor Ripe for Disruption?

This week, adds analytics to its enterprise software portfolio as far smaller companies eye its hold on the customer relationship management category. Read Entire Story

The Wisdom of Asking Questions: A Unique Board of Directors Perspective

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There is wisdom in asking questions. This idea is based on the premise that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to give proper guidance without asking the proper questions. Boards that create extraordinary value design an environment that encourages rich dialog. By asking astute questions, board members heighten their effectiveness in numerous ways. Four of the key ways include: 1. Improved Decision-Making and Strategic Planning By bringing knowledge and constructive engagement to the process, board members enhance decision … Read Entire Story

First ever Black British Business Awards held in London

Language Undefined Template: AdvancedAuthor: Jack PrestonArticle content: The Black British Business Awards, founded by Melanie Eusebe and Sophie Chandauka, celebrate and promote the significant contributions by black professionals in businesses in Britain, uncovering inspirational role models and ambassadors across all UK industries including media, professional services, finance, infrastructure and manufacturing and STEM. Last week’s inaugural ceremony saw awards handed out to a number of prominent entrepreneurs, along with a collection of rising stars in the business world. Black British Business Person of the Year went to Chairman of Action Aid UK – Margaret… Read Entire Story

6 Daily Habits Of The World’s Most Successful CEOs

Successful CEOs seem to have an uncanny ability to do it all, even though they’re presumably allotted the same 24 hours each day as everyone else. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all agenda that they follow, there are a striking number of similarities in the habits of the most successful CEOs. If you’re looking to channel a little of their brilliance yourself, try incorporating these strategies into your daily routine to see how your efficiency and satisfaction at work and home improve. Here are six habits of many of the world’s most successful CEOs: 1. They get up early. Rising… Read Entire Story

How to Use Jetpack Publicize

Before beginning this tutorial you will need to install and activate the free Jetpack plugin. Read this post for instructions on how to install Jetpack. Promoting your blog and new posts when you publish them is a major part of the battle when it comes to building up a successful website. To help streamline the… Read Entire Story

Check Out this Excerpt on Networking Rules…

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The 10 Commandments of Networking Getting The Most Out of Business Networking From © Mark McGregor, for If you want to gain the most out of business networking, follow the Ten Commandments of Networking! 1) Thou shalt drop the “what is in it for me?” attitude. 2) Thou shalt listen. 3) Thou shalt build a relationship. 4) Thou shalt give the first referral. 5) Thou shalt not tell others of the referral you require; thou shalt “show them” with a story. 6) Thou shalt be specific of the type of referral. 7) Thou shalt reciprocate when appropriate. 8) Thou shalt… Read Entire Story

Major Financial Services Company Considers Using Drones in Inventive Way

It’s all about getting the job done faster and more efficiently, if the FAA grants approval, that is. Read Entire Story

Rosemary Nonny Knight Joins the Women on Business Team

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Please join me in welcoming Rosemary Nonny Knight to the Women on Business team of contributors. Rosemary’s business background will enable her to bring unique insights to Women on Business. For example, she holds a Masters Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy. She practiced as a self-employed and employed pharmacist successfully for nine years. In that time she managed retail pharmacies and learned how to keep a business profitable while providing great service to patients. She also built up a property business on the side in the middle of a housing and economic crisis which now has replaced her income and enabled her to focus her efforts on coaching other people to do the same and more. You can learn more about Rosemary in her… Read Entire Story

How mass collaboration is shaping the future of business

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Language Undefined Template: AdvancedAuthor: Priti AmbaniTags: collaborationthe sharing economyArticle content: You are reading an article from The art of collaboration series, to read more you can visit the series homepage. Nick Wright is the Co-Founder & CPO at Crowdicity, who alongside Co-founder & CEO Rob Wilmot has taken Crowdicity from idea to become one of the leading providers of Idea Management Software in the world today. In an interview with Priti Ambani, Nick talks about the potential for idea management in the post-Internet age to drive innovation and collaboration across all sectors. … Read Entire Story

‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Explains How He Plans To Transform Hollywood

When “The Walking Dead” television series premiered on AMC on Halloween 2010, the zombie apocalypse series began its transition from Robert Kirkman’s then seven-year-old comic book title into a worldwide phenomenon. The last season of the TV series averaged 18.4 million viewers per episode (including DVR views and re-runs in the week following each premiere) and is the most-watched drama series in basic cable history, according to AMC. Issue 115 of the comic sold over 350,000 issues, according to its publisher Image Comics, making it the top-selling comic book of 2013, and episodes of the franchise’s video game series by Telltale Games have… Read Entire Story

Setting Up Email Subscriptions to Your Blog

Before beginning this tutorial you will need to install and activate the free Jetpack plugin. Read this post for instructions on how to install Jetpack. Jetpack includes a subscriptions module which allows your readers to easily subscribe to your blog in order to receive updates by email on the latest comments and posts. This powerful… Read Entire Story