5 Simple Ways to Make Some Quick Extra Cash!

There are many times in life where some quick extra cash would come in really handy, but how to get your hands on it can be the hard part to figure out. Thanks to the internet, it’s a lot easier to raise some extra money than it used to be and here we share 5 Simple Ways that you can do it, if you haven’t already thought of them. There are ideas on this list that could help you… Read Entire Story

Golden Globes misses the mark by shutting out all major female directors this year

Image lady-bird-movie-greta-gerwig.jpg

All five of the 2018 Golden Globes nominees for best director are men. People think Greta Gerwig, Patty Jenkins, and Dee Rees were snubbed. Read Entire Story

Could Bitcoin Be About to Crash?

Bitcoin has been THE topic of financial news for months now as its meteoric rise has gone on, and on and on. I’ve followed the rise all year and if I’m being honest, I do feel that the online currency has a lot of merit and I can see its appeal. At times, though, you just have to step back and ask yourself, does this really feel natural, or are we in a gold rush mentality? Could the price of bitcoin be about to crash? The problem with bitcoin is that there are no real underlying fundamentals to tell you whether or … Read Entire Story

An 8-team playoff would solve most of college football’s biggest championship problems

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We created a hypothetical 8-team college football playoff featuring the projected champions of the five major conferences, UCF, and two at-large teams. Read Entire Story

Betting against bitcoin is about to get a lot more expensive

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The cost of shorting bitcoin could skyrocket once futures trading starts on Sunday, says S3 Partners. Read Entire Story

GM’s business is booming in China

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Big Risks, Thin Profits. US taxpayers helped. Read Entire Story

10 things in tech you need to know today

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Venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar takes a leave of absence, Apple buys Pop Up Archive, and Amazon cancels pharma licence application. Read Entire Story

Ulta Beauty is having a huge holiday sale with up to 50% off — here are the best things to buy

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As the holiday countdown continues, Ulta Beauty is discounting products every single day for 25 days. Read Entire Story

All the world’s major luxury auto brands now have SUVs — except for Ferrari (RACE)

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Let’s review all the other luxe SUVs that have landed in the past few years, all from brands that would never have been associated with SUVs Read Entire Story

Rob Gronkowski under fire for ‘dirty’ hit that sent a Bills player into concussion protocol

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Rob Gronkowski drove his arm and shoulder into Tre’Davious White, causing many to say the hit was "dirty." Read Entire Story

Is Bitcoin Just a Ponzi Scheme?

Bitcoin has been making waves in the financial world for years now and I remember posting about it back in 2013 on this blog when it was priced at a measly $120 per bitcoin. I think we can all agree that since then, the price of bitcoin has gone wild. I’m not saying it’s a bubble and I’m not saying the price won’t go higher yet, but it’s certainly one of the financial stories of our time and the gains have been truly phenomenal. But with financial professionals warning about it being a nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, should you be worried about investing in bitcoin? Here are a few points that are worth consideration in my eyes. I’m not going to make a call on … Read Entire Story

The iPhone X is my favorite iPhone yet, but there are 3 things I wish were different

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The iPhone X is my favorite iPhone yet. That said, there are a few features in the iPhone X I wish were different, or better. Read Entire Story