Cloud Computing: Ideal for Start-Ups

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Research has been conducted into the amount of start-ups using cloud computing and Forbes have reported that by 2015, “end user spending on cloud services could be more than $180 billion” and by the end of 2014 “businesses in the United States will spend more than $13 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services.” New technology being introduced almost daily means that the business world is always changing and it is important for start-up businesses to be proactive and adapt early. Any successful business owner will tell you that it is vital to have an IT infrastructure in place that can evolve, adjust and meet fluctuating demands. There are a whole host of advantages for using cloud technology and I am sure there are … Read Entire Story

14 Reasons to Fire Your Webmaster

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Does your website REALLY represent your small business and help you succeed by engaging your existing clientele and attracting new customers? Here are 14 problems that I see all too frequently on small business websites. If yours suffers from any or all of them, it may be time to fire your webmaster. You don’t own your own domain name Did your webmaster do you a ‘favor’ and register a domain name for you? SOME favor! If you have a falling out with your webmaster, your website could disappear overnight when you stop paying them for their services and they stop… Read Entire Story

Traveling and Working – Is It Possible?

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Traveling and working at the same time is the dream of many. Please do not fall for the myth that traveling and working at the same time is a vacation. It can be hard, but there are ways to make it work for you.Here are tips to make traveling and working possible for you:Have some money saved up before you leave.To make your trip a little bit easier, it is usually wise to have some money saved up before you leave. This way you don’t have to feel like you have to… Read Entire Story

Google Authorship is Dead: What’s Missing and How to Fix It.

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Site owners across the globe blow their noses noisily as they discover the obituary here. And then they don their black clothes and head out. The year is 2014, and this is the funeral of Google Authorship. Many put time and effort making sure that rel=”author” was laced throughout their website. Each content page frosted with the name and picture of whoever had compiled all of those words into a coherent, informative blog post. But in the words of the (once) famous boy band Five, you’ve gotta “get on up when you’re down…” So what exactly did Google Authorship do for us, and what can we do instead now that it’s gone? **NOTE** If you didn’t use Google Authorship before… Read Entire Story

Facebook Groups Faux Pas

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With almost 5,000 ‘friends’ from both my business and personal life, it’s not too often that I get really upset by what anyone does or says on Facebook. My Facebook timeline is open to everyone and all opinions… and although I argue a lot about politics with some folks, it’s rare that I would ‘unfriend’ anyone just because their opinion differs from mine. It’s good to share. We all learn something. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. Basically, Facebook is what it is. HOWEVER, and that is a BIG however, what I do NOT appreciate, is being added to groups, especially those that I would never choose to join, had I been sent an invitation. … Read Entire Story

The Best and Worst Website Layout

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Don’t judge a website layout by its appearance – judge it by how well it fulfills its purpose. Business websites exist to make money, and often the most profitable websites include some ugly features, such as advertisements. But almost all websites should use some design elements and avoid others, so here is the best and worst you can do with a website layout: The Worst Website Layout Let’s start with the worst website layout. The first thing you notice about it is that’s it’s cluttered with content, advertisements, navigation, notices, and other features. As I mentioned earlier, ugly websites can… Read Entire Story

Making Money Online with a Second Language

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As Americans climb out of difficult financial times, student loans remain an economic barrier to many, with loan debt growing in every quarter since 2003. Repayment is a burden for many current students and graduates. What can you do to rid yourself of the debt accumulated? I recently spoke with a community college graduate who smartly navigated his way out of educational debt through leveraging his proficiency in a second language. Though highly intelligent and proficient in their own languages, many students at his school were having trouble mastering English, and needed someone … Read Entire Story

Link Building – How is it different for affiliates?

I want to address the perceived difference between the strategies used by affiliate marketers and merchants. In researching this post, I read a number of other blog posts and a number of presentations around the topic of how affiliates can get links. It struck me that the tools and techniques being talked about would fit in fine with pretty much any type of link building campaign, whether it was for an affiliate or not. To illustrate the point, these websites are affiliates: MoneySupermarket AsiaroomsAt first glance, you wouldn’t put them in the affiliates category, but they are. You can call them super-affiliates because there are huge businesses behind them, but the … Read Entire Story