The World of Forex

What is Forex? Forex is short for foreign exchange markets. Forex trading involves trading foreign currencies and betting on the ratio of one currency against another. The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world with over $3 trillion exchanged daily. It is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week and can be done from anywhere in the world. Mobile apps have made trading even easier. Facing lackluster performance in the stock and bond markets, many seasoned traders are moving their money to Forex … Read Entire Story

Eight Methods for getting the Most out of Google Search

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Google’s search engine is a flexible and highly customizable tool. And yet I’m still amazed to find digital marketing professionals who are just unaware of some of the most powerful and essential search techniques. Being able to use just a handful of Google’s most common search operators can open up a whole new dimension in search specificity, allowing you to hone in your results and filter out millions of irrelevant web pages. Add in additional functionality like time dependent search, Google Alerts and a couple of straightforward URL hacks and you’ve effectively got yourself an upgraded search engine.   Search Operators There are a lot of search operators you can use in Google search and an even larger number of ways in which you can combine them … Read Entire Story


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SAMSUNG GALAXY MEGA Samsung terus saja melakukan berbagai terobosan baru untuk menghadapi persaingan yang terjadi di pasaran gadget. Tiap tahun bahkan beberapa bulan sekali, Samsung hampir selalu mengeluarkan produk baru. Tentu saja dengan kualitas yang tidak diragukan. Smartphone ini tampil elegan dengan layar sebesar 6.3 inch, membuat para pengguna menjadi lebih mudah dalam mengoperasikannya. Didukung dengan kamera primer sebesar 8 MP, semakin membuat performanya menawan. kelebiha dan kelemahan dari Samsung Galaxy Mega :KELEBIHAN :- Sudah mendukung jaringan 3G, sehingga memungkinkan untuk… Read Entire Story

What Would Happen to My Online Business if I Died?

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This is a guest post by Chris Huntley, a good friend of mine who works in life insurance. We’ve had lunch together quite a few times and we usually discuss topics like blogging and the joy (and challenge) of being parents, but at one particular lunch we started talking about how more and more people are becoming solo entrepreneurs and that because it’s happening so fast, most of those business owners probably don’t have a “business continuation plan” that determines what would happen to their business if they were to die. Although I have some of the basics in place, this discussion was a big wake up call for me, especially because my online businesses are the primary source of income … Read Entire Story

Fuel bills are rising, what can you do?

Now that much of the country has been covered in a blanket of snow and temperatures have dropped below zero, most of us will be keen to turn the thermostat up on heating systems. But with the cost of energy being as high as it is, thousands of households will find that having a little warmth can have seriously detrimental effects on the state of their finances. According to MoneySupermarket, 40 per cent of annual energy use occurs during the winter months so it’s far from surprising that people are often hit with more expensive bills than they expected. Indeed, the price comparison website believes that the average family will receive a quarterly bill of around £530 in … Read Entire Story

How to Get More Subscribers for Your Email List

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This is a guest post by Amit Shaw of iTechCode.A powerful Email marketing is deficient without a good big subscriber list. But, this isn’t a problem anymore as many ways are available today to get more subscribers for Email list.Generally, website owners make use of their own websites to bring together various Email addresses to enlarge their email list.Moreover, some of the website owners create different websites just to fetch more … Read Entire Story

The wisdom and effectiveness of experimental marketing.

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“Telling lies do not work in ads”, I read this long back and that made a big impact on me. I strove hard to come up with my online ads that invoked the truth embedded -both in the ad and in the minds of the target audience.I did not search for ads that instantly held my mind and my eyes. Such advertisements should not be searched; they should come to your attention. They should stay in your memory for long … Read Entire Story