Balancing The Books: How To Take Back Control Of Your Finances

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Worrying about money is a pretty natural thing to do. In fact, money is probably the most common cause of anxiety among many people that there is. Unless you happen to be in an incredibly fortunate position, you’re probably going to need to be aware of your finances all time, just to make sure you can survive. Of course, that’s often far easier said than done. There are plenty of things that can happen to take control of your finances away from you, whether it’s a period of unemployment, household disaster, or anything else. Even if you come out the other side… Read Entire Story

How Lisa Wrote A Sales Page that Earned $21,861 In 4 Months (The best part? She did it while she was 9 months pregnant)

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Her time was running out FAST. At 9 months pregnant, Lisa Phillips knew her baby was on the way, and she needed to start making more sales. The problem? Lisa is a real estate investing coach who teaches people how to invest in rental properties, but virtually no one was buying her online course. She explained… “Everything else was in place. I had a good traffic source. I had people who liked and trusted me. I received feedback that [my course] is… Read Entire Story

Fun fact: If you rely on “word-of-mouth,” you need help

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Fun fact: If you rely on “word-of-mouth,” you need help. Specifically my help. Here’s why: Everyone knows the BIG PROBLEM with Word-of-Mouth… …but no one thinks it will happen to them. I’ll explain. Look: Word-of-mouth is a great way to build a business. It means that your product or service is good enough that people are willing to recommend it. Good on you. You’re good at what you do. The problem? It’s a slow burn. Sometimes you get clients. Sometimes you don’t. And the reality is this: you can’t rely on it. …Because what if all of the word-of-mouth dries… Read Entire Story

How Ben & Cole Earned $49,316 With Their First Online Photography Course

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Ben Hartley and Cole Eutzy were six weeks away from launching their first online photography course. Cole, a marketer at his day job, wasn’t new to copywriting. But the last thing he wanted was for their course to bomb because their sales page didn’t work. And then there were the THOUSANDS of online photography courses being sold in a crowded market. Ben and Cole KNEW they had an amazing course… But they were worried it would get lost in the noise when it launched. Then Cole received an email from me about my online course, Sales Page that Converts. It was perfect timing… “I’ve… Read Entire Story

How Benjamin Houy Wrote a Sales Page that Increased His Revenue By 21% – In A Market Dominated By Big Companies

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The language-learning industry is fierce. It’s dominated by multi-million dollar corporations. These are companies with huge advertising budgets. They have books and software on every e-commerce platform and in every bookstore on the planet. It’s the sort of market that seems IMPOSSIBLE to penetrate. Benjamin sells an online course that teaches people how to speak French. He doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising. He doesn’t have a dedicated, full-time marketing team. He runs a one-man operation. How could he possibly compete? He has dreams of creating more products and growing his business. But his sales had hit a plateau. He has a great product that really helps people. But his sales page just… Read Entire Story

How Austin Roberson Landed 25 New Clients Who Pay $299 Per Month Each (For a Total of $7500 in Recurring Revenue)

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Meet Austin Roberson, who persuaded 25 people to join his $299 per month membership program, successfully generating $7500 per month in recurring income, with a Sales Page that Converts. How did he do it? Keep reading… Austin is like most business owners. He founded the Studio Owners Academy to teach studio owners how to get and retain more students. And he’s good at it. His clients love him. But Austin only knew one way to sell his program, and it was time-consuming. Plus, he admitted that he … Read Entire Story

There are 2 types of passion: One is good. The other is very bad.

There are 2 types of passion: One is good. The other is very bad. I invited Adam Alter, NYT best-selling author, and professor at NYU, to explain the difference. I find myself walking the line between these “good” and “bad” passions. Especially when it comes to my business. You may notice the same thing. So, here’s what I’d like to hear from you… Leave a quick comment sharing your personal experience with each type of passion. Also, if you know someone who may struggle with the same issue, can you do me a favor? Share it. Also, here’s what else you can expect from this 30 minute interview: * There are two types… Read Entire Story

Be careful who you listen to ON THE INTERNET

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Article by Social Triggers. Read entire story here.

This is the ONLY thing that separates those who succeed and those who fail

That lego song, “Everything is awesome,” always made me laugh. Everything is NOT awesome. Last week we scheduled a video shoot for today. And of course, everything that could go wrong… went wrong. I share the full story this new video. This is my first new YouTube video in more than a year. (I can’t believe it’s been that long, but I’ll share more about why I stopped doing YouTube videos… and why I’m bringing them back… soon). And inside it I share the big difference between those who succeed and those who fail. Even though I reference… Read Entire Story

How Suzanne Heyn Grew Her Audience To 7,366 Email Subscribers (And Made $14,000 Selling Online Courses)

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Suzanne Heyn is a spirituality and meditation teacher. She had a gift to share with the world, and she knew she could turn it into an online business. The problem? She knew she wanted to turn this skill and knowledge into an online course and sell it… …But she was struggling: “I’ve seen people become really successful and live their dream of a location-independent lifestyle, and I wanted that, too … but I still had nagging questions like: How much [content] do I have to include to make my course effective and worth the money? How do I launch a course and inspire people to buy it?” This isn’t an … Read Entire Story

Behind the Scenes: How Doug Made $77,373 In 11 Months By Selling Online Courses

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Doug is a marketer. And he wanted to share his expertise with others. So, he created an ebook, a typical “first step” for people who want to get into the business of creating and selling their knowledge online. The ebook sold pretty well, so he thought he would take it to the next level by turning it into an online course. A smart idea. But the course just didn’t sell… The ebook did well, but the course? It looked like a flop. However, Doug stumbled on one BIG insight after he went through “Seven Figure Courses.” “I thought I already knew who my students were” For 18 months, Doug’s course… Read Entire Story

Meet Bill Biko, the Landlord Who Transformed His Expertise Into an Online Course Business

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Over the past 14 years, Bill has had over 1,500 short-term rental tenants. With all that experience, he’s considered a go-to resource for landlords in Canada. (This isn’t uncommon. We all have something we’re good at that other people want to learn… it’s often tied to what you do for a living. Especially if you’re a consultant or coach). A few years ago, Bill started promoting his real estate ventures online. After seeing some success, he started selling products as well and created an eviction guide for landlords. His long-term goal for his online business is to eventually replace his rental income: “I really want to turn … Read Entire Story