How Often to Publish Content When Creating a PBN Network


PBN stands for “Private Blog Networks” and consist of various different Web 2.0 properties to build authority to your main “target” website. Many people often say PBN’s are blackhat, but I argue if you can provide value through them, they are as good as any other website. Private blog networks can be built through sites like,,, and, all with different themes. Each one looks different than the other but they are all targeted around your niche. It’s important to understand the mechanics behind such a network and how they add value to the bottom line. … Read Entire Story

Titanium Mastermind Fiery Farewell Party

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On the last day of the MOBE Titanium Mastermind in Costa Rica, we had a farewell party complete with food, drinks, music, mind actors, a super tall dude, and fire dancers! It was a great way to end the mastermind. I am looking forward to the next one. Click Here To Download John Chow’s New eBook, The Ultimate Online Profit Model! Read Entire Story

You’ve Heard of Hiring Ex-Cons? This One’s an Entrepreneur!

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It takes discipline to run a successful business. And if you have that discipline, you have a pretty good chance of making your idea into reality — no matter what obstacles you’ve had to overcome. Case in point: Coss Marte, founder of ConBody. Marte originally got the idea for his business in an unlikely place — a prison cell. The founder had some health issues while serving a seven-year prison sentence. And since he only had a small cell and his body weight to work with, he had to … Read Entire Story

The unfairness (and wisdom) of paint

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Repainting your house the same color it already was feels like a waste. It’s a lot of effort merely to keep things as they are. But if you don’t do it, time and entropy kick in and the house starts to fade. The same can be said for 1,000 elements of your organization, including your relationships with customers, staff, suppliers and technology. The way you approach your market, the skill you bring to your craft, the culture in your organization—it constantly needs another coat of paint. Rust never sleeps. [PS… delighted that I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Convertkit event in Read Entire Story

4 Ways to Build Credit for Those with No Credit

You can put on a fancy suit and act professional if you are looking for a loan, but your credit score is the first impression that you give as a borrower.  Whether it is getting a credit card, a personal loan, or a mortgage when it is time to stop renting, your credit score will determine the amount of interest that you pay each month, that can add up to thousands a year.  Whether you have had credit troubles in the past and are starting over, or you are just now old enough to … Read Entire Story

What It Takes to Be a Successful Brand Ambassador

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“Like Mike. I wanna be like Mike…” Do you remember the Gatorade commercials from the 1990s that featured Michael Jordan? Or maybe you remember the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan commercials for McDonald’s. Celebrity endorsements are certainly nothing new and they continue to be an important part of the marketing efforts of large, multinational mega corporations. But the rise of the Internet in general and social media in particular has really changed what the face of an “influencer” really looks like. Mainstream celebrities will always have their place, but bloggers like you and me can get in on this action as “brand ambassadors” too. What Is a Brand Ambassador? It’s not exactly a secret anymore that companies of … Read Entire Story

How to Strengthen Customer Relationships When Time is at a Premium

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As a small business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business. And while the things that go on behind the scenes certainly matter, you can’t focus on them at the expense of your relationships with customers. Small Businesses Are Built on Relationships When people think about small businesses, a certain image is conjured up in their minds. They picture a quaint storefront on a main street in a small town. They see friendly storeowners who know customers by their first names and interact with them as they walk in. They picture handshakes, smiles, and promises that are always honored. See, small businesses are all… Read Entire Story

You go first

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That’s the key insight of the peer-to-peer connection economy. Anyone can reach out, anyone can lead, anyone can pick someone else. But if you wait for anyone, it’s unlikely to happen. It begins with you. ; ; ; ; ; ; Read Entire Story

Making Money Online with a Two Tier Affiliate Program

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I made this quick video while waiting for my ride to take me to the SJO airport in Costa Rica. In the video, I explain why promoting a two tier affiliate program like MOBE is a great way to make money online, and give you a look at how much I make from the second tier. For those who don’t know, two tier affiliate programs are one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. Most people don’t even realized that the affiliate programs they belong to have more than one tier. Google launched AdSense with a… Read Entire Story

8 things i’ve learnt during the last edition of the STRP biennale

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Conference for the Curious. Photo © Blickfänger Steve Maher, Heavy Metal Detector. Photo: © Boudewijn Bollmann Outside the historic Philips Klokgebouw where the biennale unfolds A few weeks ago, i visited STRP Biënnale, the mega festival of art, technology and music in Eindhoven. The theme of the event this year was Senses & Sensors. Both the huge exhibition and the two-day event of talks and discussions called Conference for the Curious explored perception in all its guises and meanings. Some of the questions raised during the festival included: How can technologies hinder or expand our senses? Can the same technologies enable us to develop new senses? What role do technological sensors play in our perception of … Read Entire Story

Google Home now helps you cook by reading recipes out loud

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Following updates to its Home speaker with support for multiple users, finding cheap flights and controlling your connected gadgets, Google has added a handy new feature to the device that aspiring chefs will enjoy. It can now read recipes out to you while you cook, one step at a time. Simply fire up Google Assistant or use to Google’s search app to look for a recipe on your phone, and hit the ‘Send to Google Home button’. Next, say ‘OK Google, start cooking’, and the speaker will do its thing. You can also command it to repeat steps or go… This story continues at The Next Web Read Entire Story

Small Businesses Big Winners in Proposed Trump Tax Cuts

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Historic tax cuts for American small businesses could be just around the corner. In an announcement at the White House today, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin unveiled proposed sweeping reforms to the tax code for all U.S. businesses. At the same time, President Donald Trump’s chief economic advisor Gary Cohn presented proposals to overhaul the personal tax code. That would impact millions of self-employed individuals and sole proprietors in the U.S. too… Read Entire Story