And then we got bored

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Six missions after Apollo 11 amazed the world by going to the moon, Apollo 17 was the last trip. It fell off the cultural radar. Flying to the moon, driving around and getting back safely wasn’t interesting enough, apparently. And the miracle of the internet, which connects billions of people, instantly, is something we all take for granted after less than a generation. Is it any wonder that your magnificent Facebook post or clever tweet isn’t racking up ever more likes? ; ; ; ; ; ; Read Entire Story

Picking One Out of Hundreds: Questions to Answer When Shopping for a New Car

Despite the obvious similarity that all cars have the same basic features as they come with an engine, four wheels and a steering wheel, they couldn’t be more different either, and there is a dazzling array of over four hundred new models entering the marketplace each year. Trying to choose the one that is right for you has probably never been so difficult and even if you have a favorite brand, there are still plenty of options left to consider before you settle on the new car that you want to drive away. Here is a … Read Entire Story

My Average Per Day Income with MOBE

During the MOBE Titanium Mastermind in Costa Rica, I’ve shown you videos of me making over $22K in one day with company. Well, that doesn’t happen everyday. In this video, I show you what an average day looks like. How To Live The Dot Com Lifestyle MOBE is one of the systems I leverage to live the Dot Com Lifestyle. The Dot Com Lifestyle mean time freedom, money freedom, and location freedom. The only way to achieve that is to remove yourself as the income source by leveraging systems that makes you the money so you don’t have to. If you want to learn step by step… Read Entire Story

Movix uses artificial intelligence to hit you with the best movie suggestions

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It turns out that in addition to making spooky trailers and writing quirky scripts, artificial intelligence is also pretty damn good at making awesome movie recommendations. Available for free, Movix is a web-based recommendation service that uses deep learning algorithms to adapt to your capricious film preferences and hit you with the most suitable movie suggestions in real-time. What is particularly nifty about the AI-powered tool is that it requires no registration, allowing you to get started in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is feed the algorithm with your favorite titles and it will immediately begin spitballing… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more Read Entire Story

10 Ways Faith Based Companies Can Seek a Higher Calling

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Despite secularism growing in America, with research showing there are around five million fewer Christians across the United States than there were in 2007, faith-based companies continue to thrive. In fact, a study conducted in 2013 indicated that entrepreneurs in the United States meditate more frequently than non-entrepreneurs.  The United States has a rich history of business owners operating their companies in line with their religious beliefs. Some of the nation’s biggest and most popular brands, such as In-N-Out Burger, Forever 21 and Hobby Lobby, share a devotion to religious values. That said, faith based companies are not without their challenges, which they have to overcome. Small Business Trends interviewed … Read Entire Story

Save as draft

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Is that a habit? If your instinct is to publish, to share, to instruct, to give away, to engage and to put it into the world, then ‘save as draft’ is a rare thing. On the other hand, if you find yourself noodling then putting aside, waiting for perfect, you’re on track to be waiting for a very long time. Ship. [Tomorrow, Thursday April 27 is the first priority deadline for the next session of the altMBA. This is an intensive 30-day workshop that creates the habit of shipping. We help people learn to see, to take action, to make decisions and to cause change to happen. It might just be for you.] ; ; ; ; ; ; Read Entire Story

4 Reasons to Use a Credit Card for All Purchases

It used to be that using a credit card for purchase was a bad thing.  In fact, it used to be implied that using a credit card meant that you actually didn’t have the money and would put it on the card so you can worry about paying it off later.  While that is true to the fact that you can pay later (usually takes a few weeks for the statement period to be over to pay by the due date), it actually makes perfect financial sense to not only use a credit card, but to … Read Entire Story

Main Ingredients of a Successful Blog – Follow This Winning Combination

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Many bloggers often get confused with the main elements of building a successful blog. With so much information online you can get confused very easily on what factors you should focus on when first starting a blog. However, I’m here to tell you that you can build a successful blog by simply focusing on “3” very important factors. These “3” factors will help guide your blog setup, content creation and marketing so you effectively reach your audience building engagement. … Read Entire Story

10 Books About Business Disruption

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Have you heard the latest buzzword, Disruption?  It’s the offspring of buzzwords like “Growth Hacking” and “Pivot”.  And, it’s in the spotlight because disruption is a key component of new ways of thinking about things and creating new products and services. This week’s book list is a collection of marketing books dedicated to the idea of disruption, disruptive innovation and disruptive entrepreneurship. This list will take you on a journey via some of the most popular and defining books about disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing. … Read Entire Story

The best time to study for the test

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… is before it’s given. The best time to campaign is before the election. And the best time to keep a customer is before he leaves. ; ; ; ; ; ; Read Entire Story

Sustainable Health on a Budget

In some cases, losing weight can mean losing money out of the monthly budget. Between completely changing how you eat and engaging in more physical activity, some are scared of losing productivity while other are nervous about increased spending. However, becoming “healthy” does not mean that all the sudden you will be spending all your savings on “energy juices” or expensive supplements. There are plenty of ways to be thrifty with your weight loss journey and make the most of both your resources… Read Entire Story

Making $22K In 1 Day While Partying It Up

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The MOBE Titanium Mastermind ended last night with a farewell dinner party, and I got one of the best farewell gifts of all. While I was partying it up, the MOBE phone team made me $22,039! It started when I got up in the morning to see I made $10,090.65 while I was sleeping. And things just got better as the day went on. All the while, I never lifted a finger to talk to anyone on the phone or did any selling. The system does it all for me so … Read Entire Story