5 Business-Funding ‘Rules’ to Break

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New options exist for small businesses struggling to find financing. It’s easier than ever to secure funding — if you’re willing to explore uncommon avenues. Read Entire Story

11 African Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the Business Landscape

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From hi-tech to fashion to branding, startups are transforming the continent and supercharging commerce. Read Entire Story

Five ways ISIS’s future could play out

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History provides lessons on how to effectively deal with movements and individuals who wage war against the international order. Read Entire Story

Off to Ghana! SPI TV, Ep. 18

We’ll be taking a small break from SPI TV for the summer, but don’t worry! Season 2¬†will come back in August of 2015 and will start with a series of videos captured while in Ghana, Africa during my visit to the schools we built together through Pencils of Promise for my birthday last year. Caleb, my videographer who is accompanying me to Africa, helped me shoot this quick video to finish off an amazing Season 1 of SPI TV, and let you know more about what’s coming next. Thanks again for all of your support, and wishing you… Read Entire Story