Stop being cheap. Seriously.

So, I went on a double date. We hit up a nice restaurant and bar down in Soho, NYC. And let me tell you: the bartender was great! Service was great. He was likable and fun. And bonus? He even hooked us up with a few things for nothing. When the bill came, my friends and I decided to split it. And I left about a 45% tip. I don’t often tip that high, but again: the guy was fun. He hooked us up. And you know what? My mom worked in the service industry for much of my childhood and I always like to tip well. And … Read Entire Story

No Joke: These 5 Comedy Principles Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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A social media marketer walks into a bar. “I’ll have a Facebook martini,” she says. “What’s a Facebook martini?” the bartender replies. “It’s like a regular martini, but if I want to drink more than 2% of it I have to pay extra,” she says. [Cue Laugh Track] Okay, so maybe comedy about social media marketing isn’t a great idea. But comedy and social media have a lot in common. They’re both fast-paced, harder than they look… Read Entire Story

Start Early, Aim Low, Keep It Short: How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign (Infographic)

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Ideally, entrepreneurs should ask for as little money as possible and set up campaigns that run no longer than 30 days. Read Entire Story