6 Really Bad Website Popup Examples

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If you want to craft a delightful marketing experience and you’re using popups, you need to make sure you hold them to the same high standards as the content they are covering up. You can learn a lot by looking at bad website popup examples. Once you understand what not to do, you’ll default to starting your own popup designs from a better baseline. What does a bad popup design actually look like? … Read Entire Story

The Queen celebrates her 91st birthday today

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Queen Elizabeth II is the world’s longest-reigning monarch. Read Entire Story

How “Never Events” are Impacting NHS Budgets

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Tune into any media station and you’ll probably hear all about the NHS budgets and the strain they are coming under. There are battles ongoing between hospitals and politicians and… Read more » (c) Noobpreneur.com Read Entire Story

The Key to Work-Life Balance? Integration of Those 2 Concepts.

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Want to change into Lycra tights and take a 5-mile bike ride at lunch? That’s absolutely fine, if it helps you produce brilliant work that afternoon. Read Entire Story

Google floods classrooms with a million virtual reality headsets – Daily Mail

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Daily MailGoogle floods classrooms with a million virtual reality headsetsDaily MailExperts have condemned plans to allow Google to flood British classrooms with virtual-reality devices branded 'educational cocaine'. The internet firm is providing demonstrations of its technology – which allows pupils to 'immerse' themselves in …and more » Read Entire Story

Disrupting the norm: 4 ways to tap into your team’s creativity

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Reading Time: 6 minutesIt’s easy to get stuck in a work routine. To go to the office every Monday to Friday, use a particular set of skills, sit at the same desk, talk to the same team members, eat at the same lunch spot… While routine can be a stabilizing force, it can also lead to stagnation and a lack of inspiration (a worrisome situation for any marketer). Companies take great care to put structures… Read Entire Story

Here’s a super-quick guide to what traders are talking about right now (SPY, SPX, DJI, IXIC)

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It’s quadruple witching Friday, when various stock-index options and futures expire. Read Entire Story

How Old These 21 Entrepreneur Superstars Were When They Made Their First Million and First Billion (Interactive Infographic)

Mark Zuckerberg was a millionaire by the time he was 22, but George Soros didn’t make his first million until he was 47. Read Entire Story

What You Need to Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) – Whiteboard Friday

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Posted by willcritchlowYou may have heard the term “AMPs” thrown around lately. What exactly are Accelerated Mobile Pages, what do they mean for search, and how can you prepare for it all? In this week’s British Whiteboard Friday, Will Critchlow and Tom Anthony of Distilled lay out all the important details. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab!Video TranscriptionTom: Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to British Whiteboard Friday. We’re filming this in the London HQ of Distilled. This is the founder and CEO, Will Critchlow. I’m Tom Anthony, head of… Read Entire Story

Morrisons has been kicked out of the FTSE100 and Aldi is to blame

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In another sign of just how hard the UK’s big grocery retailers are finding things right now, Morrisons has lost its place in the FTSE100, it was announced on Wednesday night. The supermarket, which is Britain’s fourth largest by market share, has been struggling to compete in the super competitive grocery market, and the demotion to the FTSE250 reflects a share price drop of nearly 50% since late 2013, and more than 17% so far in 2015. The struggles of the British supermarket sector… Read Entire Story

17 Free Online Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog to 1 Million Visitors

And what’s their price, you ask? How about . . . free? Read Entire Story

60-something socialist is Britain’s unlikely political star

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LONDON (AP) — Britain’s surprising new political star is a rumpled 66-year-old with a set of socialist ideas many thought had faded with the Cold War.Jeremy Corbyn, the runaway favorite in a contest to lead the opposition Labour Party, opposes NATO and nuclear weapons, plans to apologize for the invasion of Iraq and wants to end austerity, heavily tax the rich and nationalize Britain’s railways.Opponents say the longtime lawmaker is a relic of the past who will drive away moderate voters. But to supporters — many of them young… Read Entire Story