Client Relationships — What to Do When Things Go Wrong (FS220)

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If you work with clients directly there’s a very good chance you’re going to have to deal with some shitty situations. Clients asking for late refunds Clients delaying payment for waaaaaaay too long Customers leaving bad reviews on Yelp, Etsy or something like it Clients changing requirements in the middle of a project Client taking forever to get back to you, stopping your progress, and preventing you from finishing and getting paid Clients ending up completely unhappy with the work On the podcast episode and article below we… Read Entire Story

How to Speak Directly to Client Interests

Movements, gestures and facial expressions are indicators of how your message is being received. Read Entire Story

Work With International Clients: 7 Things to Make it Successful

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This post is from contributor Kayla, who owns the blog Shoeaholic NoMore. Over the next six months she’s documenting her journey to quitting her job and taking the leap into self-employment. One of the greatest things I’ve discovered about my freelance business is that I can work anytime and anywhere — as long as I have an internet connection, which is pretty much everywhere. Literally. That’s one big benefit of having an online freelancing business rather than an in-person store-front type of business: you can become location independent and have more freedom over your routine. … Read Entire Story