The 13 cheapest holiday destinations in the world for couples

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The Post Office Holiday Money Report has revealed the cheapest holiday hotspots in the world in 2018 that make for the perfect holiday for two. Read Entire Story

Amazing Business Ideas with Unbelievable Longevity

Amazing Business Ideas with Unbelievable Longevity Are you currently thinking about starting your very own business? If so, your head is probably spinning with business ideas. That’s because you know that before getting too far ahead of yourself, you should first come up with an ingenious idea. And it’s true: your niche can make or break your business right from the very beginning. If you make the wrong choice, your business will never take off and you’ll end… Read Entire Story

Prepearing a Cover Letter and The Best Resume

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Cover letters are a versatile means of communication that reinforces the qualifications presented in your resume and highlights how your skills and personality would be a good fit for the… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

The Importance of Providing Perks for Your Employees

The Importance of Providing Perks for Your Employees Employees are the lifeblood of any business. This adage is even truer for small businesses, where the number of workers is limited. This puts a greater import on every single hire. That’s because one or two employees can upset the balance and throw off the operations of the entire business. It’s obvious then that choosing the finest employees from among the talent pool is of paramount importance to any owner of a moderately-sized business. But just as important as choosing such great employees is the ability to lure them into … Read Entire Story

7 Tips to Survive Working Late into the Night at the Office

7 Tips to Survive Working Late into the Night at the Office Working late can be tough. Working late to catch up on project deadlines, to please a demanding client, or to clock in extra hours because you need the pay makes it even harder. However, sometimes there are things we just have to do, and we have to plow through them. Here are several survival tips that will help you conquer the graveyard shift. 1. Write Goals Down All the way back in 2014, Contently revealed how researchers… Read Entire Story

Byton’s CEO Shares Why His Company’s ‘Intuitive’ Electric SUV Is the Future of Mobility

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Entrepreneur spoke with Byton CEO Carsten Breitfeld ahead of Sunday’s launch. Read Entire Story

3 Tips to Help You Navigate the Complex Maze of Payment Processors

3 Tips to Help You Navigate the Complex Maze of Payment Processors Getting paid effectively, efficiently, and at a fair price is essential. This factor alone could determine the success of your business. What’s more, without the right mix of payment processors, you might struggle to keep your business afloat. And this can be true even if you offer excellent products and services. For instance, credit cards and debit cards have become an integral part of the economy. As a matter … Read Entire Story

3 Steps to Attracting the Brightest Recent Grads to Your Startup

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Ruling out a huge portion of the talent pool in favor of an arbitrary hiring requirement is not the smartest move. Read Entire Story

How to Obtain a Business Registration in Spain — and Why You Should

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Are you considering expanding your business internationally? There’s one country you might have overlooked in your considerations, and that country is Spain. Spain offers business-friendly regulations, beneficial tax rates for business and a steady economy. As a matter of fact, Spain has one of the strongest and most stable economies in all of the EU. In this post, we describe how to obtain a business registration in Spain. RELATED ARTICLE: GO GLOBAL: 6 KEY BENEFITS OF EXPANDING YOUR BUSINESS INTERNATIONALLY Register as a Private Limited Liability Company The most popular form of business registration in Spain is the private limited liability company (sociedad limitada laboral). It is important to remember … Read Entire Story

Your Business’ Guide to eDiscovery

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The world is changing, and businesses are changing with it. More often than not now, documents and communication within a business are digital, existing non-physically on computers or servers. This… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

21st Century Security – 6 Ways to Protect Your Business in the Modern Age

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The way people do business is changing, and with each passing year more and more businesses are going under because of outdated ideals and poor management. The companies that continue… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

Free Webinar: Tips Every Growing Company Should Follow

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If you’re ready for the next level, these tips and tools will set your business operations up for success. Read Entire Story