Technology isn’t the Problem, We Are: 5 Horrific Website Popup Examples

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It’s Day 5 of Product Marketing Month. Today I get to bash some really bad popup examples. Yuss! — Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner But before I bring the heat, I want to talk a bit about what it’s like, as a product marketer, to be marketing something that’s difficult to market. You see, there’s a common problem that many marketers face, and it’s also one of the … Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: F500 Are Visual, LinkedIn on Top, Business of Color

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From golden arches to red bulls, color is fundamental to our recognition of familiar brands and color affects the way people react when they first encounter a company. Vistaprint worked with Dr. Sally Augustin of Design With Color to develop recommendations for the design of places, objects, and services that support desired cognitive, emotional, and physical experiences. Vistaprint Study: Social Media and Blog Usage by Fortune 500 Companies in 2017. Fortune 500 companies are increasingly using visual social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, according to recent research conducted by Nora Ganim Barnes and Shannen Pavao at The Center for Marketing Research, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. MarketingProfs Snapchat seeks salvation in long… Read Entire Story

How to Create an Easy-to-Use Website in 5 Steps

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One of the biggest assets that you can add to your business is making good use of a website. Not only is an online presence necessary in today’s digital world,… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

New: Drag, Drop and Deliver!

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Creating dynamic, functional emails formerly required a graphic designer, or spending hours at the computer editing code yourself. Simple actions such as dropping images where you like, or easily moving elements from one part of the template to another called for multiple steps; adding video in an email-app-friendly form could often be worse with unpredictable results. Things could get very frustrating, very quickly. And so this became our challenge… Read Entire Story

How to Build a Better WordPress Website … One Week at a Time

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What is the key to building a better website? Well, you first need an idea. And it needs to be useful. Next, you need to start with the right stuff, the right raw materials. You clicked on the headline of this post, so perhaps you’re already using WordPress or strongly considering it. Good choice. Continue down that path. After that, you have to be willing to hit Publish. Whether you’re … Read Entire Story

7 Key Design Elements for a Mobile Landing Page that Converts

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This is a guest contribution from Shane Barker. If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you’re probably familiar with landing pages, and may have even used a few of them for different campaigns. Whether you’re trying to drive people to sign up for your mailing list, or to purchase a product/service you’re promoting, landing pages can help you achieve your conversion goals. But is your landing page optimized for mobile users? … Read Entire Story

Conditionally Removing the Featured Product Image & Styling Gap from a WooCommerce Product Detail Page

Considering I spent several hours searching for a way to do the following successfully without much luck, I figured the information was worth sharing. I have a site using WooCommerce where some products need to have product images and others don’t. On the individual product page, I wanted to be able to remove the image… Read More The post Conditionally Removing the Featured Product Image & Styling Gap from a WooCommerce Product Detail Page… Read Entire Story

SPI 260: Undergoing a Website Overhaul with Rocket Code

At this time last year, got a serious facelift. With the help of the amazing team over at, we revamped the website to make it faster, sleeker, and more searchable, all in pursuit of providing you guys with the best experience possible. In today’s episode, you’ll meet two of the people who made this website overhaul possible: my Design Director, Dustin Tevis, and Project Manager, Corey Hivner. Dusty and Corey are seasoned experts at crafting websites that both function well and look amazing. That’s no easy feat, either—building a great website requires a big-picture understanding… Read Entire Story

Job Fields Where Creativity is Highly Desired

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Are you one of the kids that have always seen a possibility to use some broken things in a quite unique way? Would you like to be able to use it in a prolific and money-making way? Well, if so, you are at the right place and at the right time to find the answers […] Read Entire Story

Beyond A vs. B: How to get better results with better experiment design

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Reading Time: 7 minutesYou’ve been pushing to do more testing at your organization. You’ve heard that your competitors at ______ are A/B testing, and that their customer experience is (dare I say it?) better than yours. You believe in marketing backed by science and data, and you have worked to get the executive team at your company on board with a tested strategy. You’re excited to begin! To learn more… Read Entire Story

Introducing the New StudioPress Blog

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Well, it’s been a while since you’ve seen my byline around here at Copyblogger, but that’s for a few good reasons — I’ve had my head down and been working hard over at StudioPress (specifically, the all-new StudioPress Sites you’ve been hearing about). If you’re interested in checking it out, you’ll see that the StudioPress site looks quite different from how it has in the recent past, and… Read Entire Story

Design and UX Trends to Boost Conversions in 2017 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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As more of our interactions — both business and personal — migrate online, intuitive design and user experience have never been more important. The fast pace at which the digital world is changing means there’s always a new trend on the up and up promising to skyrocket our results. Last year we saw the rise of mobile-first design, full-width hero images and user-driven storytelling. This year we’re seeing a big… Read Entire Story