Quick Overview of Enterprise Application Integration

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Application integration, most commonly referred to as enterprise application integration (EAI), implies importing resources from one application to the other. Based on what has been observed, it can be concluded… Read more » (c) Noobpreneur.com Read Entire Story

Trigger Your Enthusiasm: What the HBO Hack Says About Customer Delight

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By gathering intel and piloting potential talk triggers, entrepreneurs can build awareness and encourage the masses to do the marketing themselves. Read Entire Story

Instead of Staffing Up For Your Marketing Campaign, Build A Chatbot.

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Bots are the smartest addition to your marketing team available. Read Entire Story

Real Customers, Real Experiences – Part I

We asked some of our customers how Totango has impacted their businesses and processes since implementation. Each customer has a unique use case and story, and we’re sharing them all. This first group focuses on the experiences of companies who needed a solution to manage their complex business and found that Totango was the best solution for the job. Tami Barre, Vice President of Client Experience, Randall-Reilly Tami shares how… Read Entire Story

Customer Health: The Foundation of Customer Success

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For recurring-revenue businesses, retention and expansion are the key drivers of growth. To drive success for both of these metrics, an accurate understanding of customer health is crucial. Essentially, the foundation of customer success is an accurate understanding of customer health. So why are so many executives still measuring customer health with NPS scores, support ticket history, etc? As Shai Rybak, VP of Customer Success at Clicktale notes, “Customer health… Read Entire Story

E2C: Enterprise to Customer Growth Strategy

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In recurring revenue businesses, the entire company impacts the customer in some way. Often times, employees’ interactions are ad-hoc and siloed within their department, making it impossible to understand how all of the pieces work together to support the customer. While we assign the responsibility of the success of the customer to the Customer Success or Account Management teams, in reality, everyone is ultimately responsible for the success of each customer. To … Read Entire Story

New Report: Top Content Marketing Growing Pains for B2B Enterprise Marketers

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Every organization experiences growing pains when it comes to growing their content marketing program. Customer needs quickly evolve which means that brands need to be agile enough to meet consumer demand. The group that maybe has it toughest of all is B2B enterprise marketers. The added complexities of supplying content for multiple business units and product sets, geographical locations and therefore, multiple customer groups is no easy undertaking. While many B2B enterprise marketers have managed to crack the code for successful content marketing, others are still struggling to manage expectations with reality. The new 2017 B2B Enterprise Content Marketing report from Content… Read Entire Story

4 Things You Need to Know About Building an E-Commerce Business From Scratch

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Your couch: home to spare change, misplaced remotes, forgotten chip crumbs, and now, just about anything you’d ever want to buy. More than ever, consumers are shopping from the comfort… Read more » (c) Noobpreneur.com Read Entire Story

The Internet of Everything — $12.6 trillion ROI expected over the next decade [SLIDE DECK]

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BI Intelligence has created a slide deck exploring the most disruptive trends in the IoT including an analysis of consumer, enterprise, and government markets. Read Entire Story

Google just revealed what its next version of Google Glass will look like, and it’s aimed at business workers

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Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThe Google Glass project was one of the most hyped devices that died an early death when Google opted not to turn it into a consumer device. But its successor, Google Glass Enterprise Edition, a project now run by Nest founder Tony Fadell, is alive and well and apparently getting ready to be officially announced. So we gather from new photos of the device that Google just sent to the FCC, as first spied by Stephen Hall at 9to5Google. Fadell took over Glass earlier this year. He’s a hardware veteran who hails from Apple and joined Google when it bought his… Read Entire Story

Why ‘Grit’ May Be Everything for Success

Lack of grit — call it persistence — is the entrepreneurship killer. Read Entire Story

To Create an Underlying Social Mission, Focus on the 3S’s

The greatest stamina for any entrepreneur comes from life purpose, and building a movement around your startup can be the difference between failure and breakout success. Read Entire Story