Google Home now helps you cook by reading recipes out loud

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Following updates to its Home speaker with support for multiple users, finding cheap flights and controlling your connected gadgets, Google has added a handy new feature to the device that aspiring chefs will enjoy. It can now read recipes out to you while you cook, one step at a time. Simply fire up Google Assistant or use to Google’s search app to look for a recipe on your phone, and hit the ‘Send to Google Home button’. Next, say ‘OK Google, start cooking’, and the speaker will do its thing. You can also command it to repeat steps or go… This story continues at The Next Web Read Entire Story

Vibrator-building workshop brings frank sexuality to SXSW

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“Don’t force it.” “Grease it good.” “Dip the tip.” The innuendoes came thick and fast — see?  — at Crave’s “Build Your Own Vibrator” workshop. When co-founder Michael Topolovac opened the presentation by saying “Thank you for coming,” a voice from the back said, “No pun intended.” A room of about 40 people — mostly women and a surprising amount of men — were instructed on how to put together Read Entire Story

Android apps will make Chromebooks worth buying this year

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While Chromebooks have always been a great low-cost option for basic tasks like browsing and watching videos, they’re about to get a lot more useful, as Google is introducing support for Android apps on them this year. The company announced that it was working to bring its massive Google Play app store to Chromebooks in May 2016, and rolled out a preview on Chrome OS for three models last September. Now, it’s confirmed that all new Chromebooks launching in 2017 and from here on out will support Android apps, along with a long list of existing devices. That makes a… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Android,Chromebook Read Entire Story

HP in Business Mode With Industry-Specific Tablets, New Convertible

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HP was all business when it introduced a truckload of new devices recently. The company added new tablets and 2-in-1s to its line that it says are focused on making businesses more mobile. Some of the devices are running Windows and others are using Android’s operating system. And nearly a handful of them are industry-specific tablets. Here is a rundown of the tablets and convertibles now available from HP: HP Pro Slate 8 This is a high-definition, 8-inch (diagonal) display. The tablet will operate Android with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series processor. Read Full Story Read Entire Story

Why Redmi 1S Mobile Phones Get Sold Out in Minutes!

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Why did 400,000 people register to buy 150,000 Xiaomi Redmi 1S phone last week, a phone which they have never seen at any mobile store, never held in their hands and… Read more Read full original article at Why Redmi 1S Mobile Phones Get Sold Out in Minutes!©2014 QuickOnlineTips. All Rights Reserved. Read Entire Story

PornHub can’t keep it up: huge New York billboard ad taken down

The porn site launched a cheeky advert in Times Square, but the billboard ad mysteriously disappeared a few hours laterPornHubs gigantic erection in Times Square, New York, has been mysteriously taken down. The companys first real-life billboard which measured 54×48 feet came down prematurely after just a few hours late on Wednesday night.No more Pornhub Billboard in Times Square :( Continue reading… Read Entire Story