No-Paint-Allowed Office Makeover

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The final episode of this season of Office Goals on the Road brings Kate and Joey to Abrams Artist Agency, where they collab with their friends Jade and Amanda to work around the “no paint allowed” rule to give their personal offices and the company green room impressive, modern makeovers. Read Entire Story

Finding Your ‘True North': How to Align Your Employees With Your Company’s Goals

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How can companies maximize output if they’re clueless as to how individual employees are doing? Read Entire Story

B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks: How We All Can Do Better

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B2B content marketing is having a moment—a moment that’s rapidly becoming a movement. We’re finally breaking free of the idea that “professional” means “boring.” Transparency and authenticity are becoming more than just buzzwords. Unique, emotionally compelling content used to be the outlier; soon it will be the norm. It’s thrilling to see B2B content marketers find a new groove. As a creative, comedic weirdo myself, it’s a great time to be in the business. However, these industry-wide changes do come with significant challenges. As B2B marketing evolves, we need to continually adapt our procedures, KPIs, even our philosophy of marketing. The whip-smart marketers at Kapost… Read Entire Story

How to Smash Your Blogging Goals in Just 5 Days

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This post is by ProBlogger expert Ellen Jackson of Potential Psychology Have you ever uttered the phrase, ‘One day I’ll…’? Of course you have. We all have. One day I’ll schedule my social media One day I’ll improve my web site One day I’ll organise my images (a personal favourite) One day I’ll start a podcast… Next we say, ‘When…’ When I have more time When I have more money When inspiration hits … Read Entire Story

Don’t Let Go of Expectations … Put Them to Work in Your Marketing

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We all know the potential trouble associated with expectations: If you expect something to turn out a certain way — and it doesn’t — you likely end up disappointed. Subsequently, traditional wisdom has advised that we let go of our expectations to soften the blow of disappointment and train ourselves to be content with the outcome we get. Even though I hold that outlook to be true most of the time, I wanted to … Read Entire Story

Prioritize Your Daily Tasks and Get More Done With the ABCDE Method

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Are you completing your most important tasks each day? Read Entire Story

10 Steps for Successful ERP System Implementation

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Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) are one of the most effective forms of business process automation. Covering everything from sales through to human resources, ERP systems eliminate the need for… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

Why You Need Sustainable Motivation (Live Training!)

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When you’re working on business or personal projects for yourself it is so easy to become un-focused, to lose energy, to lose motivation. Which, of course, makes working on that project a nightmare. you run out of energy you lose focus you get distracted easily it takes so much effort to make the smallest progress So, if you want to make progress on your projects, if you want to make consistent headway on your goals… … you have got to learn how to develop sustainable motivation. Sustainable Motivation Sustainable motivation doesn’t come… Read Entire Story

The Mindset Shifts You Need to Meet Any Goal

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Overcoming obstacles is a mental game. In the third week of The Goal Standard Challenge, our experts shared strategies that can change everything. Read Entire Story

What You Missed During ‘The Goal Standard Challenge’ Prep Week

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To get you all set for achieving your goals for 2017, we provided tools, resources, Facebook Lives and more during the preparation week. Read Entire Story

How Chris Guillebeau Built A “Cult of Personality”

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Recently, an up-and-coming fitness coach and friend of mine asked me how to get more visibility online. I’ve built successful marketing funnels for web hosting companies, this blog, a software-as-a-service company, and now a chain of retail stores. All of those marketing funnels are different, but the one a coach or a consultant follows I would call a “cult of personality.” It’s what I did with… Read Entire Story

Strategies for Getting Course Customers to Take Action

The post Strategies for Getting Course Customers to Take Action from The Smart Passive Income Blog. Read Entire Story