Live at CES: Indiegogo CEO Predicts What’s Next for Crowdfunding

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We caught up with Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot at CES this week to talk about changes in crowdfunding and what to expect next. Read Entire Story

Launch Your Product with Crowdfunding | The $1 Million LEGO Wall

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Whenever I travel anywhere, I bring my laptop, and on my laptop there’s a laptop cover that everyone seems to ask about. It comes from Brik Book, and it’s a LEGO-compatible cover. It’s awesome. I interviewed the founder of Brik Book, Brett Miller, way back on Smart Passive Income Podcast Session #217, and since then he’s been doing even more to grow the company, including a new product that was recently released called Brik Tile. Using the same launch model, he utilized Kickstarter, and crushed it. I wanted to bring Brett back on the blog today to write a guest post related to his crowdfunding journey, and how we might be able to follow his lead. He’s got an amazing and incredibly detailed … Read Entire Story