9 marketing trends you should track in 2018

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“Growth marketing” has become mainstream. Experimentation is revolutionizing organizational culture and breaking down internal silos. Testing is bridging sales, marketing,…Read blog postabout:9 marketing trends you should track in 2018 The post 9 marketing trends you should track in 2018 appeared first on WiderFunnel Conversion Optimization. Read Entire Story

How 5 B2B Brands Are Using Snapchat and Instagram Stories

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B2B brands are usually slow to jump on the latest social media craze train, and with good reason. Their audience might not even be on those social media networks. For example, Snapchat was originally full of teenagers and controversy — not a great place to grow brand awareness or share thought leadership. But my, oh my, how far we’ve come. Today, networks like Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, and other marketing channels are becoming new breeding grounds for B2B brands. But with frequent product updates introducing new features and advertising tools, brands are often left wondering what the best approach is. … Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: Email vs. SMS, Twitter Trolls Itself and Google’s AI Wizard

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Email vs. SMS: Battle of the Heavyweights [Infographic] In a battle of email vs. SMS, who is the winner? This infographic shows the differences between the two tactics in terms of volume, engagement, preferences and effectiveness by medium. MarketingProfs Twitter trolls itself on new 280 character limit As you may have heard via everyone’s favorite venting platform, Twitter has increased their allotted character count to 280. While many are happy with this change, some are disappointed or even concerned that it will ruin the value of the platform. CNN Tech Google’s AI Wizard Unveils A New Twist on Neural Networks This is a story 40 years in the making. Geoff Hinton (the man behind AI) … Read Entire Story

5 Simple Steps That Can Make You an Internet Celebrity

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Follow these five rules religiously and I promise you that you’ll find internet fame in a few months. Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: Short Attention Spans, Instagram Retargeting and LinkedIn Notifications

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The Short Attention Span Solution for Marketers (Hint: It’s Email) [Infographic] Email subscribers are spending more time reading the emails they receive. This infographic looks at email analytics over the past 6 years, and includes statistics and research on how email has evolved, how consumers interact with email and tips to optimize your emails for readers with short attention spans. (HubSpot) Facebook Adds Instagram Retargeting Options to Custom Audience Facebook’s Business Manager has added 3 new retargeting options for Instagram that appears under the “Engagement” objective when creating a… Read Entire Story

This Celebrity Stylist Uses Instagram to Show Fans How Red Carpet Moments Are Made

As the stylist for stars such as Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyong’o, Micaela Erlanger’s social media pages take you behind the scenes. Read Entire Story

Social Media Marketing Report: Does Your Engagement Measure Up?

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If I had to sum up marketing’s relationship with social media in a single nerdy meme, it’d be this: Yes, much as Obi-Wan Kenobi was dismayed to find that Anakin had turned to the dark side, many marketers feel betrayed by social media. Each platform offered the potential to build an audience and deliver content straight to their feeds. They were supposed to be a powerful tool for organic reach. But one by one, they fell to the dark side of the algorithm. But don’t throw away your social media channels just yet. After all, if you strike them down, they will become more powerful (sorry, that’s the last Star Wars reference). Instead, let’s have a clear-eyed assessment of what organic engagement looks like… Read Entire Story

Online Marketing News: Millennial Micro Influencers, Apple Clips, Facebook Seasons

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Infographic: Who Is the Millennial Female Micro Influencer? Who is a millennial female micro influencer? How does she compare to your average social media user? She tends to have a larger following with more engagement, and posts about topics like travel, fashion and health and fitness. This infographic sums up who this person is and what her followers and habits are like. AdWeek Apple introduces Clips: the fun, new way to create expressive videos on iOS This week, Apple introduced Clips — a new way… Read Entire Story

Follow Your Curiosity, Find Your Passion & Keep it! Here’s How (FS204)

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On the podcast today we interview someone who actually found out how to make his living doing something he loved. And, I swear to god, if he can do it with this niche, there’s at least a chance for you to do it in whatever topic that’s got you excited. Because this guy, Ross Symons, literally makes little paper animals. THAT’S. IT. Origami, that’s the interest Ross pursued. No, I’m serious, ORIGAMI! Little. Paper. Animals. Is there something you’re dreaming of pursuing? Or something that’s growing in interest for you? Chances are, if you’re like a lot of us, you can’t even tell — your life … Read Entire Story

9 Handy Apps to Promote Your Business on Instagram

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Instagram, or better said Instagram users love beautiful images. They love cool, moody filters, interesting angles, unique typography, anything that’s not “the usual” boring shot. And by looking at some of the most popular Instagram accounts, you notice a few patterns that attract the most engagement.   So you ask yourself, how do they come up with those filters? What apps do they use to saturate colors just the right amount? And how long … Read Entire Story

My 6 Best Tips for Beating Blogger Overwhelm

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This is a guest contribution from ProBlogger Expert Kelly Exeter. It was the toaster that did it in the end. I’d been juggling work around school holidays. I had a book in its pre-launch phase. I was trying to figure out in which of my already tight days I could record four podcasts. And I was on deadline for two guest posts while trying to figure out what… Read Entire Story

How Do You Stand Out From 500,000 Advertisers on Instagram?

Think: visuals, copy, audience enticement and the context of our ad. Read Entire Story