How to Set Boundaries to Build Thriving Relationships

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Boundaries are something that we all need to create and stand by. Read Entire Story

5 Ways To Think Bigger in 2018, According to Entrepreneur’s Editor In Chief

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Number one: Truth is the new year’s competitive advantage! Read Entire Story

Best Everyday Apps for Your Mac to Improve Your Business Lifestyle

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When it comes to desktop apps, consumers sometimes fail to realize how many lifestyle options are currently available in the Apple Store. This is because many people think of desktop… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

The Importance of Thinking Big and Believing in Yourself

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You’re on the path. You’re headed in the right direction. You are getting there. Read Entire Story

How Boredom Leads to Brilliance

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Do you ever wonder how your relationship with technology is affecting your brain, health, relationships and creativity? Read Entire Story

Maria Sharapova on What It Takes to Be a World Champion

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She is an unstoppable champion and ready for her comeback. Read Entire Story

Why Love Is More Important Than Wealth

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Sometimes we get so caught up in the money, we overlook the most important thing in life. Read Entire Story

Reviews about iPod video

The new iPod video has stirred a lot of reactions, a lot of reviews, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of its utility, quality and features. These reviews are important especially because of the fact that the new iPod video was launched without a serious study of the market, of the customer’s tastes and wishes. From… Read Entire Story

To Be Successful, Be Patient With Your Imperfections

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Mistakes are a part of life. Read Entire Story

Turn Lost Presentation Leads Into Closed Sales

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Tips for reaching out to the people who never registered for, showed up to or purchased something from your presentation. Read Entire Story

Why You Don’t Feel Confident (& How to Fix it) FS224


How can we decrease the volume of fear in our head and increase our feeling of confidence? Because, for many of us, if we can do that, won’t our work have a better chance of succeeding? “I got this!” That’s the feeling we want. “I got this. I can do it.” You know what I think of when I think about confidence? I think about the difference between “this MIGHT work” and “this might NOT work.” Which way does the voice in your head normally … Read Entire Story

You Know You Need to Define Your Ideal Client, Target Market & Niche, Right? (FS208)

We’re willing to bet you’ve heard and read lots of talk about the importance of pinpointing your ideal client, identifying a target market and picking a niche. Maybe you’re even sick of these concepts? (It’s okay, you can roll your eyes a little!) You’re probably tired of hearing these buzzwords because they get thrown around way too often without much meaning attached to them. Rather than simply passing out the same old advice, we’re going to spend this episode breaking down what each one means, and what to actually … Read Entire Story