Why are You Neglecting the Highest-Traffic Lowest-Converting Page on Your Website?

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I’m not talking about your home page. Sure that gets the most traffic, but notice the qualifier in the post title; highest-traffic “lowest-converting”. But why would you care about a low converting page? Because chances are, it’s not converting because you forgot to add a call to action (CTA). I’m sure you know about some pages like this on your website, but you’re using one of… Read Entire Story

Get Better Landing Pages for AdWords with 3 Techniques to Try Today

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If you’re a PPC strategist, your client’s campaigns live and die by the strength of the landing pages. If you drop the perfect paid audience on a page with no offer (or an unclear one), you’ll get a 0% conversion rate no matter how your ads perform. The problem is that as AdWords account managers, we can be pretty limited in our ability to change landing pages. In this role… Read Entire Story

Get Custom Advice For Boosting Your Conversions With Unbounce’s New Landing Page Analyzer

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As a savvy marketer, it’s our sincere hope you never start a campaign without a dedicated landing page for sending your paid traffic to. But — as you know — the job isn’t over once a landing page is created. Your real opportunity is in understanding how your page performs. Beyond tracking standard performance measures like conversions and landing page quality (LPQ), you’ve likely wondered about other factors like: Is my… Read Entire Story

Google AdWords Launches Greater Visibility Into Quality Score Components (And What This Means For You)

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A recent update to Google AdWords is changing the way performance marketers understand their landing pages’ Quality Scores. Image via Shutterstock. While Quality Score is a critical factor in your ad performance, it’s always been a bit of a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Marketers have never been able to natively view changes to Quality Score components in AdWords directly. That is — even though expected click through rate, ad relevance and landing … Read Entire Story

How to get evergreen results from your landing page optimization

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Reading Time: 7 minutesLanding page optimization is old news. Seriously. A quick google will show you that Unbounce, QuickSprout, Moz, Qualaroo, Hubspot, Wordstream, Optimizely, CrazyEgg, VWO (and countless others), have been writing tips and guides on how to optimize your landing pages for years. Not to mention the several posts we have already published on the WiderFunnel blog since 2008. And yet. This conversation is so not over. Warning: If your landing page optimization goals are … Read Entire Story

Why Your Landing Page Needs Video

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Your landing page can be used for any number of different reasons. Maybe you just want to capture e-mail addresses to add to your mailing list. Maybe you have a new product or service you want to promote and you want to people to sign up for a free trial. Maybe you’re an affiliate marketer and there’s an offer you want to promote. Whatever the case may be, your objectives with your landing page are three-fold and one follows logically after the other. First, you need to people to actually arrive at your landing page in the first place. You need to drive traffic to it and there are many… Read Entire Story

5 Foundations of a High-Converting Landing Page

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The internet wouldn’t exist without good landing page layouts. How good a landing page theme you choose can make or break your online business model. Most businesses and marketers understand how relevant the landing page is. There are still landing pages I stumble upon that look like stock themes with only different text. Nowadays, you can get free themes easily on a CMS like WordPress or Joomla. The problem, however, is that there will… Read Entire Story

7 Top-Performing Unbounce Marketing Emails to Copy, Paste & Customize

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, though I always had a slightly different format in mind. But after seeing this incredibly delightful and generous post by messaging app Drift, I knew I had to steal borrow their format (sharing is caring, right?). If you’re like me, you have multiple email accounts: one for work, one for pleasure and — admittedly — one for newsletters and other spam. As … Read Entire Story

Eliminate Jargon on Your Landing Pages With Our Free Chrome Extension

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What would you think if you wound up on this landing page? Check out some of the terms being used: “The Next Generation of Awesome” “Bleeding edge solution” “Age of disruption” “World class features” Might your BS detector start going off? These words are superlatives — meaningless filler. The language is flowery (and not in a good way). And while this is an extreme example, jargonistic, superlative-laden landing pages … Read Entire Story

Landing Pages Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

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You’ve probably heard us talk about landing pages a lot around here. There is a good reason for that. When executed correctly, a landing page is a powerful tool that helps you gain new subscribers, sell your products, and more. But what exactly is a landing page? Watch our short, fun video about landing pages With help from our friends at The Draw Shop, we whipped up 12 definitions from our new… Read Entire Story

Instagram Ad Campaigns: 4 Tips For a Better Mobile Experience

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My first camera belonged to my mother. I’d sneak it out and take photos of the dog, the sky and even take photos of photos — this was in the days of film, when every photo was precious. Of course, she’d get mad when odd photos would pop up between shots of birthdays and family outings. Improving your skills is as simple as knowing your tools inside and out. GIF via The Fabulous Destiny of … Read Entire Story

5 Landing Page Tips: Landing Page Critique Round 3

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This is round 3 of landing pages overviews. In my previous landing page overview posts I discussed Adobe’s and Shutterstock’s landing pages. I discussed the important elements of landing pages and how to use them correctly. Landing pages have the potential to convert many users as they are the first page your visitors see and therefore they give the first impression of your product. You can read more on landing page optimization in our blog.In this post, I decided to focus on Vertical response’s Landing Page. Known and used by several marketers, they allow you to create free email newsletter templates. So it will be interesting to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the page and discover 5 quick … Read Entire Story