Content Conversations: Content Marketing Predictions for 2018

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Last year around this time, we asked reached out to a series of content experts (many of which are included in this post), to ask them for their top content prediction for 2017. By and large, the explosion of video content was a top prediction and rang true this year. We also received predictions related to the mistrust of news sources (#FakeNews anyone?), the need for restructure within marketing departments as content marketing roles become more defined and the necessity for a defined content marketing strategy. And while each of these predictions were spot on) or very close to what we’ve experienced this year), some of … Read Entire Story

How to Use Big Wins to Drive Continuous Content Marketing Performance

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Like all brands or marketers, you’ve likely experienced a few content marketing campaign mishaps in your day. Despite your best efforts, sometimes a campaign just doesn’t quite reach its objective or it outright flops. And when this happens your disappointment typically spurs you into action as you work furiously to pin down exactly where you went wrong. On the flip side; however, you’ve also experienced some big wins in your day. Some of those wildly successful content campaigns that crushed objectives and had… Read Entire Story

5 Challenging Factors That Could Affect Future Entrepreneurs

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Everyone knows that establishing and running your own business isn’t easy. Nevertheless, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are going to be increasingly crucial to our changing economy, and they need to be encouraged.… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

Safe Strategies For Financial Freedom – Do It Now

Learning safe strategies for financial freedom for the most part just revolves around staying as debt free as possible. You can’t control the economy and you can not get more money on demand, but you can control what you do with the money you make and how you spend it. By not living beyond your… The post Safe Strategies For Financial Freedom – Do It Now appeared first on Articles. Read Entire Story

4 Main Advantages of Business E-Learning

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If you’re not familiar with the concept of e-learning for business, it’s a pretty straightforward one, which implies that business can facilitate an employee’s job training with the help of… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

8 Hacks to Learn New Skills in Half the Time

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Learning new skills doesn’t have to be so hard. Read Entire Story

7 Ways to Find Readers and Subscribers When No One Knows You Yet

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The early days of a new blog, podcast, or video channel are actually a sort of magical time. It’s quiet. No one has shown up yet. You can say or do nearly anything. You have the opportunity to experiment and play without fear. And, let’s face it … we all want to get past it as quickly as humanly possible. While I truly would encourage you to stop and smell … Read Entire Story

Why Entrepreneurs Should Aim to Fail — That’s Right. They Should Actively Seek It.

When you come out of a tough situation and realize you weren’t crushed by it, you’ll be stronger. Read Entire Story

FOREX: Foreign Currency Exchange Market at your fingertips

Dear Friend, Have you ever heard of FOREX? FOREX stands for Foreign Currency Exchange Market. This is a fascinating new way of making money in the trading market. With FOREX you can learn powerful techniques that will let you turn $200 to $3,000. You will learn to focus on what trades are the good ones […] Read Entire Story

6 Tips to Combat Time Poverty

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Because you never have enough time to do all of the things you want to do. Read Entire Story

Mastering Google Search Operators in 67 Easy Steps

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Posted by Dr-Pete #kwd1 { border: 2px solid #53bce7; padding: 3px 12px } Any SEO worth their sustainably harvested pink Himalayan salt knows that Google offers a variety of advanced search operators – special commands that take you above and beyond regular text searches. Learning search operators is a bit like learning chess, though. It’s easy to memorize how each piece moves, but that’s about 1% of your path toward mastery. I know that the pointy-hat guy in chess moves diagonally, but that doesn’t mean I’m about to take on Kasparov or Deep Blue. Instead of just listing all of the operators and telling you what they do, I’d like to try something different. … Read Entire Story

9 Ways to Recruit the Best Talent for Your Startup

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These are the strategies you need to know to find and keep best of the best. Read Entire Story