"SEO Is Always Changing"… Or Is It?: Debunking the Myth and Getting Back to Basics

Posted by bridget.randolphRecently I made the shift to freelancing full-time, and it’s led me to participate in a few online communities for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. I’ve noticed a trend in the way many of them talk about SEO; specifically, the blocks they face in attempting to “do SEO” for their businesses. Again and again, the concept that “SEO is too hard to stay on top of… it’s always changing” was being stated as a major reason that people feel a) overwhelmed by SEO; b) intimidated… Read Entire Story

Local SEO & Beyond: Ranking Your Local Business in 2017

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Posted by Casey_MerazIn 2016, I predicted that ranking in the 3-pack was hard and it would continually get more competitive. I maintain that prediction for 2017, but I want to make one thing clear. If you haven’t done so, I believe local businesses should start to look outside of a local-SEO-3-Pack-ONLY focused strategy. While local SEO still presents a tremendous opportunity to grow your business, I’m going to look at some supplementary organic strategies you can take into your local marketing campaign, as well. In this post I’m going to address: How local search … Read Entire Story

Quick Tips on How to Gain Higher Quality Backlinks

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Every webmaster wants his website to rank in the top search results when search with relevant keywords is done. And for this, search engine optimization (SEO) for the website is absolutely mandatory. For effective SEO, various kinds of tools are implemented and back linking is a prominent one. It is believed that this tool is one of the main foundations for highly effective SEO practices. Backlinks are basically links to the main business website from… Read Entire Story

3 Reasons Your Link Building Strategies Won’t Help Your Search Engine Ranking

Among the over 200 Google ranking signals, quality and trusted incoming links are the firepower that incredibly increase search engines ranking; with domain-level link authority and page-level link features sharing 40% of total ranking factors between them. The more relevant, quality, trusted and authoritative links pointing back to your webpages, the more your chances of ranking high […] The post 3 Reasons Your Link Building Strategies Won’t Help Your Search Engine Ranking appeared … Read Entire Story

The Most Important Link Penalty Removal Tool: Your Mindset

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Posted by Eric Enge Let’s face it. Getting slapped by a manual link penalty, or by the Penguin algorithm, really stinks. Once this has happened to you, your business is in a world of hurt. Worse still is the fact that you can’t get clear information from Google on which of your links are the bad ones. In today’s post, I am going to focus on the number one reason why people fail to get out from under these types of problems, and how to improve… Read Entire Story

Link Building: A Necessary Ingredient for Your Blog

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The value of links for every blog post should never be underestimated. Despite the quality of content in your blog that could easily prompt you to wonder why the search engines would not just find your blog without necessarily undertaking any optimization efforts, the engines will still require your help to make them help you in return. You need a highway or some form of boulevard for your ride through … Read Entire Story