Death by 280 Characters: How to Avoid Viral Social Media Blunders

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It takes minimal time for an ill-conceived post to go viral, so don’t leave your company’s social media strategy to chance. Follow these tips to implement better processes, conduct smarter training and hire the right people. Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: Teens Over Facebook, Blockchain and Big Blue, MoonPie Roasts You

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Social Commerce Takes Hold. A study by PwC reports that 78% of consumers are influenced by social media when shopping online. According to Marketing Week, the “social commerce boom” is being fueled by young mobile consumers. Thirty-three percent of 18- to 24-year-olds say they would purchase items directly on Facebook, 27% on Instagram and 20% on Twitter. For 25- to 34-year-olds, the numbers decrease a bit: 30% on Facebook. For 54- to 65-years-olds, it’s 10%. MediaPost Top 100 Social Media Trends for 2018. From Influencer Campaigns to Social Media-Friendly Designs to social media inspired dog toys, these are 100 social media trends for next… Read Entire Story

These Are the Secrets to a Successful Twitter Campaign

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And check out the brands that scored big this year. Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: Mobile Beats Desktop, YouTube Stories, Facebook for Kids?

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TopRank Marketing has partnered with Onalytica for the Women in Tech: Hot Topics and Influencers List for 2018. The list features influencers in the categories of Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain, BigData, IoT, EdTech, MarTech, InsurTech, Virtual Reality, and Cyber Security. Onalytica Blog Study: 80% Of Brands Plan To Boost Video Spending In 2018. Of course Facebook and Google dominate video advertising with Facebook accounting for 39%, and Google’s YouTube, 27% of digital video ad spend. The cost of producing targeted high-quality videos is prohibitive, and many marketers rely on agencies to create the ads. MediaPost Facebook tests tool to make it easier for businesses to send message blasts on Messenger. Facebook is internally testing a … Read Entire Story

The Paid Media Cube: A Framework to Clarify and Communicate Your PPC Strategy

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Imagine you’re a PPC marketer working at a retailer specializing in hip, junk food clothing. Your clever use of paid spend made the Bacon Strips Crew Neck an all time best seller, nice work! Pictured: the highly successful Bacon Strips crew neck (via Getonfleek) Then, let’s say you get a new VP of Marketing, and in your first meeting together she asks you to explain your PPC strategy and ways you’d improve… Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: Clowns for Whoppers, Facebook Dynamic, Automatic Messages

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Persado now generates emotionally-targeted marketing messages for individuals. Copywriters, prepare to start feeling nervous: Persado uses machine learning and people’s reactions to previous campaigns to determine users’ emotional profiles and is now launching Persado One, which allows the text to be generated for individual users. MarTech Today How many people see your content on each digital channel? This is a handy collection of benchmarks covering email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Apps and Snapchat.   The Drum B2B Marketers Shift Priorities From Generating Leads to Converting Them. B2B marketers’ top priority for generating more leads has dropped from 46% to 35%. The focus on converting leads to customers has increased from 34% to 42%. MarketingCharts… Read Entire Story

Use These 4 Copywriting Pillars to Craft Kickass Presentations

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I love presentations. I love going to them and I love giving them. You have a defined amount of time, during which a bunch of people come together to listen to a message. Whether your presentation is online (a SlideShare, a webinar) or in the real world (a talk to a large or small audience), Read More… The post Use These 4 Copywriting Pillars to Craft Kickass Presentations appeared first on Read Entire Story

Content Marketing Tactics for Search Marketers – International Edition #SMXLmilan

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Content is both king and kingdom in a digital world full of stories. Brands and consumers alike are experiencing and publishing content on a daily basis. Between information overload, increased complexity of search engines and changes in consumer search behaviors, many marketers are less than confident about how to optimize their content marketing. How can marketers best use content marketing to improve search marketing? How does search inspired content affect content, PR and marketing programs across channels? At … Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: The Perfect Sales Page, YouTube Changes & Instagram Polls

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How to Write a Persuasive Sales Page (Even If You Hate Selling) [Infographic] Selling doesn’t have to be ‘sleazy’ — it can be helpful, timely and informative. This infographic shows exactly how to perfect your website’s sales page to be informative, helpful, and not at all creepy to your intended buyers. MarketingProfs YouTube Changes Rules Regarding Videos With External Links YouTube is restricting which accounts are able to add external links at the end of videos. The new requirements are that the user is a member of the YouTube Partner Program and your channel must have 10,000 total public views (or more). … Read Entire Story

5 Great Ways to Get People to Share Your Content

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How to grow your audience so people can actually see your work. Read Entire Story

10 Signs You’ve Got a Toxic Workplace Culture, Bro

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You don’t want to see your company’s become a household name — for the wrong reason. Read Entire Story

Science Explains Why You’re Addicted to Social Media — and How to Break That Addiction

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How often do you find yourself trapped in your news feed? Read Entire Story