This Entrepreneur Travels the World While Making More Than Most Doctors

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How a digital nomad makes six figures passively using this tested playbook. Read Entire Story

Google Files Trademark Application For #teampixel – Android Headlines

Google Files Trademark Application For #teampixelAndroid HeadlinesThe listing for the trademark filing on the USPTO website does not divulge too many details except that the application was filed on June 9th and the trademark will cover “mobile phones; smartphones” and “advertising and marketing services provided by …and more » Read Entire Story

Consolidation of Business Debt Can Get Your Business Back on Track

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Multiple Areas Of Incursion As a small business, you’re going to find debt knocking at multiple doors on the house comprising your profit-seeking exploit. You’ll find debt for infrastructure, debt… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

4 Ways to Build Credit for Those with No Credit

You can put on a fancy suit and act professional if you are looking for a loan, but your credit score is the first impression that you give as a borrower.  Whether it is getting a credit card, a personal loan, or a mortgage when it is time to stop renting, your credit score will determine the amount of interest that you pay each month, that can add up to thousands a year.  Whether you have had credit troubles in the past and are starting over, or you are just now old enough to … Read Entire Story

4 Reasons to Consider Short Hair on Women

When people think of women’s hair styles, they automatically think of long hair. They think about long straight hair, or long curly hair. Many do not consider the idea of short hair on women. Some people do not realize how short hair can actually be better for some women than long hair would be. Some […] Read Entire Story

The top 3 mistakes that make your A/B test results invalid

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Reading Time: 9 minutesA few weeks ago, a Fortune 500 company asked that I review their A/B testing strategy. The results were good, the hypotheses strong, everything seemed to be in order… until I looked at the log of changes in their testing tool. I noticed several blunders: in some experiments, they had adjusted the traffic allocation for the variations mid-experiment; some variations had been paused for a few days, then resumed; and experiments were… Read Entire Story

10 Insider Secrets From App Empires

Building apps isn’t intimidating when you learn from the best and use their blueprints to make your big idea a reality. Read Entire Story

The US smart home market has been struggling — here’s how and why the market will take off

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BI IntelligenceThe US smart home market has yet to take off. Quirky’s recent announcement that it was filing chapter 11 bankruptcy — and selling off its smart home business, Wink — highlights this well. At its current state, we believe the smart home market is stuck in the ‘chasm’ of the technology adoption curve, in which it is struggling to surpass the early-adopter phase and move to the mass-market phase of adoption. There are many barriers preventing mass-market smart home adoption: high device prices, limited consumer demand and … Read Entire Story

Seeking Passive Income Is a Death Sentence for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneurs should consider passive income only after a business model is established. Read Entire Story

Why Having Multiple Sources of Passive Income is Vital to Your Success

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You’ve probably heard the old saying about not putting all of your eggs in one basket, but can the old way of doing business really translate over into the digital information age? Absolutely. No matter what sources of passive income you are focusing on, it’s always a great idea to find the perfect balance between your resources and your passive income streams, thus giving you the best shot at becoming financially independent while keeping you out… Read Entire Story