Why Money Doesn’t Solve Most Money Problems

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A quick caveat here:  this is written for most of us who have had lots of consumer debt, not those who find themselves with tons of debt through no fault of their own.   You can bet that the raise you are hoping to get is not going to fix your financial squeeze. I mean even if you were making what your boss is making, it will not fix your financial squeeze. There is a famous principle called Parkinson’s Law that essentially says that expenses rise to meet income.  So if you are having a hard time… Read Entire Story

How to establish your brand on Pinterest (and make it popular)

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This is a guest post by Larry Alton If you’re a ‘picture paints a thousand words’ kind of person, then Pinterest may be a great option for you. Its tight-knit community and visual focus make it an ideal board for circulating and popularizing your ideas. And while it may not be as popular as Facebook and Instagram, it still has more than 150 million active users each month. Pinterest also … Read Entire Story

How to become richer than Rockefeller

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John D. Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil company in 1870. He was the first American billionaire and one of the richest men to ever live. I am sure many people today wish they could have walked in his shoes. If, somehow they could, I think some would find it to be eye-opening. Are you richer than John D. Rockefeller? As wealthy as he was, Rockefeller might have had anything that money could buy. But what a few hundred dollars may buy today, couldn’t be bought with millions 150 years ago. Today, we have central heating and air conditioning, cars, planes, Tempur-Pedic mattresses, iPods, and millions of other gadgets. Even… Read Entire Story

7 Examples of eCommerce Brands Rocking Social Media Marketing

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Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly self-directed in their buying habits, leveraging the internet to research products as well as make easy purchases without setting foot in a brick and mortar store. In fact, 96% of Americans have made an online purchase in their life, with 80% having made a purchase in the past month alone, according to Bigcommerce. As a result, eCommerce has exploded, and countless online-only retailers and marketplaces such as Amazon, Wayfair and eBay have emerged to meet consumer demand—as well as give well-established brands a run … Read Entire Story

How I Got Out Of The Rat Race

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Disclaimer: I write this from my perspective. I was not wired for Corporate America. I know some are and not everyone is called to be an entrepreneur, but it is pretty clear to me that this is a part of who I am created to be. So for those of you in a situation like mine, I hope this helps. Why I wanted to get out Almost 10 years ago I ventured out into self-employment after spending much of the previous decade in the “Rat Race”. Wikipedia defines it as “an endless, self-defeating, or … Read Entire Story

5 Key Insights from TrackMaven’s 2017 Digital Marketing Analytics Performance Report

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In today’s changing digital landscape, marketers know that having good data and analytics are vital for understanding the impact of their digital marketing efforts. After all, in order to drive performance and prove ROI, you have to be able to measure what’s working and what’s not so you can address issues and capitalize on opportunities. While digging into your brand’s own web and marketing analytics is an absolute must, understanding how you measure up to your industry peers can bring more insight and context—something TrackMaven’s 2017 Digital Marketing Analytics Performance Report… Read Entire Story

25 Top Ways To Save Money (updated for 2017)

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Originally this article started as 16 ways to save money by NOT being normal, but over the years we have written about so many great ways to save money, I thought I would expand on it a bit to create an even larger list of some of the best money saving tips. Now we are up to 25 ways to save, so peruse and enjoy! And before we get started… Learn how to save up to 50% on almost everything you buy For a limited time I am running an online workshop where I am teaching my 3-step system that I use to save up to 50% on my purchases. The… Read Entire Story

Online Marketing News: Generational Video, Facebook Ups the Volume and Hiring an SEO

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Infographic: How Gens X, Y and Z Consume Video Content A new infographic shows how content consumers across generations interact with video content — unsurprisingly, Gen Z consumes video at a higher frequency than their Gen Y and Gen X counterparts, but the platform and preferred format data may surprise you. AdWeek Facebook Videos Will Now Play With the Sound on by Default In contrast with a decision made last year to keep the sound from auto-playing on videos in the News Feed, Facebook has opted to turn the automatic sound back on for videos after rumored pressure from advertisers. User groups have reviewed this favorably, but there is also the option… Read Entire Story

31 Legitimate & Profitable Home Based Business Ideas (for 2017)

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With an increasing desire for many to escape the rat race and work from home, many people are trying to start a home-based business. Working from home not only offers independence and freedom but there are also some great home-based business tax deductions as well. As I sit and write this, I am reminded of the years I spent in jobs that I didn’t like and am now so thankful that I get to work from home and do something I love. If you are longing for that situation, I encourage you to work to figure out what it is that… Read Entire Story

Online Marketing News: Millennials Love UGC, Voice Search and Goodbye Vine

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How Millennials and Baby Boomers Consume User-Generated Content [Infographic] 47% of millennials trust user-generated content, vs. 36% of their baby boomer counterparts. However, each generation shared a relative distrust of content created by brands. This infographic shows the generation gap of UGC. HubSpot Survey: 60 percent of voice users want more answers and fewer search results People who use voice search — the majority of whom prefer to do so in private vs. public — use it because… Read Entire Story

How to Get Traction with Your New Blog

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This is it. This is your year, you say. You’ve been tossing up the idea of starting a new blog for ages now. You read blogs, you love the idea of blogging, you may even want to earn some extra cash on the side, and you’ve thought “I could totally do that!” You may have even read last week’s post on WHY you should start a blog and found … Read Entire Story

The 5 Best-Rated Credit Card Companies

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I am always cautious when writing about credit cards because I know some people get themselves in loads of trouble with their credit cards. But I trust that you are not one of those people and that you are smart enough to know that carrying a balance on a credit card is a no-no! Repeat after me: “I will not carry a balance on my credit card!”. Ok, now that we got that out the way we can continue. A few months back, J.D. Power released their annual U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study. The study seeks to find out how satisfied… Read Entire Story