Content Marketing Evolution: 5 Major Content Marketing Trends for 2018

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Do you remember upgrading from an old square TV to a high-definition model? It was an amazing leap forward in the viewing experience. Then came 3D televisions…and no one really cared. Then even bigger screens, then curved displays, OLED, smart TVs, 3D and 4k. None of these advances have really fired up the imagination of the TV-buying public. These incremental improvements just aren’t compelling enough to inspire me to upgrade. The same thing happened with smartphones. The iPhone’s touchscreen-only design was revolutionary, and now every modern phone is a sleek rectangle. Since then, it’s been incremental change and vanity features. I can unlock this phone with my face instead of my fingerprint? And I can … Read Entire Story

What Any Business Can Learn From Verizon About the Transformation to a Digital World

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C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett takes you inside Verizon to speak with c-level executives from its Enterprise Solutions division. Read Entire Story

Ask Yourself These 10 Questions Before Accepting a Job Offer

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Just because someone offers you a job doesn’t necessarily mean that you should take it. Read Entire Story

How to Qualify Your Leads and Make More Sales

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Stop chasing dead ends. Read Entire Story

Steep Taxes on Recreational Marijuana Are a Powerful Incentive for States to Legalize

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Legalizing adult-use marijuana frees states from huge enforcement and incarceration and creates a huge new source of revenue. Read Entire Story

How to Make Money Selling Items Online

There are many people that sell things online and make good money out of it. If this is something that feel that you would like to do, then it is worth making sure that you know a bit more about it before you start and know how it can work. Some people make money from […] Read Entire Story

How to Increase Ecommerce Traffic and Sales With the Right Content

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Increasing traffic and visitors to an ecommerce site means increasing your chances of selling products. If you have no doubt about this correlation, your confusion will set in once you begin wondering how to bring users to your online stores. Those in the online marketing industry aim at least half of their efforts at bringing traffic to ecommerce product catalogs. Product quality, functionality, the aesthetics of the website, and good advertising are some of the requirements for bringing users to an online store. But… Read Entire Story

Want to Make More Sales? Make More Guarantees.

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But only if you know you can keep them. Read Entire Story

7 Tips for Getting More Sales Meetings With Prospects

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Establish yourself as an expert, and consumers will follow. Read Entire Story

The Art of Covert Selling as a Public Speaker

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Five strategies you can use to sell your product without pushing for a sale. Read Entire Story

How to Boost Sales and Grow Profits with Voucher Codes

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Vouchers have been used for a long time to increase sales. Some companies use vouchers codes as their exclusive digital strategy. One of the reasons why vouchers codes have been… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

3 Simple Tricks to Explode Your Sales Email Open Rates

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Think like your prospect, be personal, track everything. Read Entire Story