Digital Marketing News: What Marketers Think about AI, Autonomous Stores & GSC Adds Data

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Infographic: What Marketers Really Think About Artificial Intelligence A new infographic shows 47% of marketers consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be over-hyped. In addition, 43% of marketers believe vendors overpromise and underdeliver when it comes to AI. AdWeek Can Autonomous Stores Catch On? Brick-and-mortar stores are testing out an automation model, functionally converting their stores to vending machines. These may increase convenience and service levels for some customers, but many remain doubtful that this will take off in a big way. MarTech Today Google Search Console Adds 16 Months of Data Can I get a heck yes?! Google has confirmed that Google Search Console will now … Read Entire Story

Happy 14th Birthday to @TopRank Online Marketing Blog

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Over the past 14 years this marketing blog has had numerous contributors, thousands of posts, hundreds of thousands of social shares and millions of views. To say blogging has had a positive impact on our business would be a gross understatement. December 28 is our blog birthday and what started simply as an experimental way to share resources and develop writing skills has turned into one of our most effective recruiting, marketing and community engagement tools. That success is thanks to a team effort including Ashley Zeckman with 360 career posts, who has served as blog editor over the past 2 years, Josh Nite with 113 career posts, Caitlin Burgess with 106 career posts, Tiffani Allen with 90 career posts and our newcomers Anne Leuman, Nick Nelson and Elizabeth… Read Entire Story

9 Ways to Market Your Small Business During the Holidays

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A little holiday cheer will make you more relatable and memorable to your customers and audience. Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: Social Storefront, The Trust Project and Facebook’s New App

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Social Content is the New Storefront [Infographic] Regardless what others might say, social content is here to stay. Instead of heading to local storefronts, consumers are now heading to social media platforms to find what they need in the in and off-season. Social Media Today Google tries to bring more transparency to news content with help from The Trust Project Google has teamed up with The Trust Project that works with over 75 news organizations to determine the difference between quality and promotional content that may be plagued with misinformation. Search Engine Land Facebook’s New App Connects Creators With Video, Fans And Watch Shows Facebook is on the hunt for new influencers and wants to see how these experts interact with their networks. Their … Read Entire Story

Personalize Email Marketing With These 7 Strategies

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Emails themselves are easy; most of us send dozens a day. But truly effective marketing emails are elusive. You’d be forgiven for wondering whether they exist at all. Rest assured—they… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

5 Hacks to Get More Social Shares

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How to make more people post about your content. Read Entire Story

Must-Watch Movies and Shows for Budding Entrepreneurs

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If you’re beginning your journey as a small business owner, it can be a struggle to find people who have a similar experience. That’s because it is a brave undertaking,… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

Content Marketing Platform BuzzSumo Acquired by Brandwatch

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It’s no mystery that I’m a big fan of BuzzSumo. I’ve been a customer since they launched and have advocated for the platform in blog posts, interviews and marketing presentations all over the world – including keynoting at the BuzzSumo ContentSEO conference in New York. I’ve also been a fan of Brandwatch after my pal Richard Bagnall introduced me to the CEO, Giles Palmer. I’ve had a chance to spend time … Read Entire Story

5 Tips for Businesses to Improve Engagement Using Social Media Videos

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For businesses that are publishing videos on social media, one of the most important metrics is definitely engagement. Because it tracks the response of viewers based on how long the… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

Facebook says 10 million people saw Russia-linked ads

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Facebook revealed on Monday that 10 million of its users saw the roughly 3,000 ads linked to Russia. Read Entire Story

How Franchisees Can Build an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

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How to distinguish your local business from its national brand. Read Entire Story

6 Rules for Meeting Millennial Customer Service Expectations

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To capture the enormous purchasing power of millennials and Gen Z, you need to shift your style to match the preferences of these young consumers. It’s time to drop the phone and take up the social media mantle. Read Entire Story