Netflix by the Numbers

A well-timed pivot led the way to monetary success and critical acclaim. Read Entire Story

Comic Book Software- Advanced Tools for Advanced Comic Book Illustrators

Comic books have been around for quite some time now; chances are you have picked up an issue or two in your life time. The evolution of comic book art has also come a long way, from its humble beginnings of black and white shaded outlines to today’s glossy full color renditions. The comic book… The post Comic Book Software- Advanced Tools for Advanced Comic Book Illustrators appeared first on Articles Read Entire Story

How One Decision You’re Making About Software is Costing You Big Time

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You may have decided to load up your small business with a patchwork of different software packages. Now, you look across the company and you discover everybody is working on… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

How Booking Software Can Help Your Business

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No matter what kind of business you run, proper booking of appointments, meetings, and other events is absolutely essential. If you intend to keep your customers up to date with… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

Modern Hotel Management: Tools and Tech to Make Daily Operations Go Smoothly

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Hotels often survive and prosper by virtue of their reputation for looking after their guests and giving them a good experience whenever they come to stay, which is why it… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

3 B2B Case Studies That Prove the Power of CTAs

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Posted by STMartinYou can’t afford to throw money away on inefficient tactics in the paid advertising space. Keeping your campaigns cost-effective is a must. To streamline your paid campaigns, there are many different landing page best practices you can employ. We’ve seen the most significant of these results often come from optimizing your call-to-action. Now, optimizing your CTA can include a few different factors. Not only is there placement, copy, design, and the usual list of CRO check boxes — there’s also the psychology of the interaction itself to consider. To truly optimize your individual paid campaigns, you should get far more granular with your… Read Entire Story

How to Track Your Remote Workers

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Telecommuting or the use of remote workers is nothing new. It’s been in existence for decades. It comes with a number of benefits many companies are taking advantage of. However,… Read more » (c) Read Entire Story

The Ins and Outs of Trading Software

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The Ins and Outs of Trading Software We’ve discussed before in this blog about how to come up with the funds you need to start or further your business. One of those ways is by using trading software to invest in the markets. If you’re considering this method, read on to learn more. First off, just know that there are advantages and disadvantages to using trading software. One thing to realize is that even the best auto trading robot isn’t perfect. Once you understand this then you can focus on the things that really matter when… Read Entire Story

The ‘Whys’ of Why You Should Consider HR Software for Your Small Business

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Be wary of going with a desktop software in a business world that’s being shaped around the cloud. Read Entire Story

How We Increased Our Email Response Rate from ~8% to 34%

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Posted by STMartinIt’s no secret that reply rate is the golden metric of email campaigns.The reason is obvious. As opposed to open and click rate, reply rate tracks how many recipients were interested (or annoyed) enough to actually write you back. For guest blogging and email outreach, your reply rate will determine your campaign’s success.We still believe that guest blogging is a great opportunity to improve your site’s link profile and brand exposure. However, the time-investment needed in prospecting/email outreach can leave you questioning its ROI.It doesn’t often make sense to spend 3 hours prospecting and emailing different opportunities to get only 3 replies.So how do you make all your prospecting and emailing worth your … Read Entire Story

Must-Attend Sessions at #CSSummit17 for Customer Success Leaders

Every year, Customer Success Summit provides actionable insights on how to run a successful Customer Success program! Here are the top 3 sessions you don’t want to miss in our 5th annual Summit: 1. Boosting Adoption with Behavior-Driven Messages – Matt Zelan, Chief Customer Officer, Act- On Software Matt Zelan will share how Act-On is driving product adoption through the use of behavior-based email communications triggered by specific product actions (or inactions)… Read Entire Story

Hard drive recovery of files/folders from Disaster

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In extreme cases like fire explosions, flood and other natural disasters, hard drive recovery or deleted or lost file are very hard to retrieve. But still there are disaster file procedures to recover the hard drive which is almost same as that of file recovery hard drive process utilizes from repaired hard drives in a […] Read Entire Story