3 Startup Ideas to Capture Your Customers’ Imaginations

3 Startup Ideas to Capture Your Customers’ Imaginations Looking for startup ideas? Start with a passion for your products and services. That is a major motivating factor when you’re starting your own business. But you need to go further. If you’re not offering customers something original it can be hard to differentiate yourself from the competition. Sharpening your competitive edge often  means developing a different angle that reinvigorates a familiar offering. If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are 3 startup ideas that can capture your customers’ imaginations. RELATED ARTICLE: LOOKING FOR WAYS TO GET YOUR INVENTION TO MARKET? HERE’S A FRESH IDEA Bear Necessities Toy manufacturers have been producing teddy bears for generations. The normal business model involves the selling of factory-produced … Read Entire Story

Strengthening Your Business Startup: The Ultimate Guide

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If you’re planning to start a business, you should be proud – it takes a lot of guts, a vision, the willingness (and ability) to get an enterprise going with the aim of long-term success. Starting a business is an exciting journey, but it’s a stressful and sometimes a tricky journey as well, as confirmed by the experts from Next-Insurance.com. It requires plenty of planning and even more work. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Having said that, however, there are no reasons … Read Entire Story

Balancing the Responsibilities of Being a Startup Entrepreneur and a Parent

Balancing the Responsibilities of Being a Startup Entrepreneur and a Parent Many a startup entrepreneur is also a parent. However, when we talk about business and parenting, it is not easy to keep everyone satisfied. That’s because these two areas of life can both be overwhelming and demanding. If you’re both a startup entrepreneur and a parent, you might be looking for advice that can help you to balance these responsibilities. We hope this post helps you to simplify your life. RELATED ARTICLE: STEVE WOZNIAK’S WORDS OF WISDOM FOR NEW AGE ENTREPRENEURS Stay Connected Through Different Media Make sure that you have several ways to stay connected with your family as well as your business. If you keep only … Read Entire Story

Steve Wozniak’s Words of Wisdom for New Age Entrepreneurs

Photo by geralt, CC0 1.0 Steve Wozniak’s Words of Wisdom for New Age Entrepreneurs When you think about the famous company Apple, you probably also think about Steve Jobs. We know Jobs as the  founder of Apple and its ubiquitous iPhone, but there was someone else behind the development of this powerful company as well. And that person was Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder. I’m here to tell you that you should learn more about this guy, because he’s super intelligent … Read Entire Story

Startup Costs: Watch the Bottom Line to Keep Them Under Control

Image via Flickr by dt10111 Startup Costs: Watch the Bottom Line to Keep Them Under Control The startup days are an exciting time for a new business, but startup costs can bring danger. Many companies have fallen by the wayside because those in charge were not financially disciplined enough to shepherd the business through the early times. Here are some important tips to trim the startup costs that can drag your business down. Know Your Size As a founder, there is one question you should be asking yourself at every stage of your startup’s development: “Just how big should this operation be getting?” It’s sometimes difficult to estimate exactly how large your business needs to be, but finding the proper size is key … Read Entire Story

12 Personality Traits Entrepreneurs Should Possess, and Improve on, to Succeed in the Startup World

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What one personality trait is key to success in the startup world, and how can you cultivate it? The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC),… Read more » (c) Noobpreneur.com Read Entire Story

You’ve Heard of Hiring Ex-Cons? This One’s an Entrepreneur!

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It takes discipline to run a successful business. And if you have that discipline, you have a pretty good chance of making your idea into reality — no matter what obstacles you’ve had to overcome. Case in point: Coss Marte, founder of ConBody. Marte originally got the idea for his business in an unlikely place — a prison cell. The founder had some health issues while serving a seven-year prison sentence. And since he only had a small cell and his body weight to work with, he had to … Read Entire Story

Here’s What You Must Do When Expanding Your Business

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Article by Small Business Trends. Read entire story here.

How to Choose Digital Marketing Channels for Long Term Growth

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How you decide to invest in marketing channels can make or break your business. That sounds like an obvious statement, but not a lot of people think about it critically. Rather, marketers get trapped in the fervent anxiety of needing to be everywhere at once. This is both ineffective and stressful. It doesn’t help that there’s a new blog post out every day about how you’re missing out on [X] and this company is killing … Read Entire Story

The Groomsman Suit Proves Perfect Fit for FedEx Competition

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Sponsored Post Finding a stylish and affordable groomsman suit can be a challenge and of course a strain on the budget. Meet the founders of The Groomsman Suit, a company offering stylish and affordable groomsman and wedding tuxedos minus the skyrocketing cost and frustrating process. The idea of selling groomsman suits came from Jeanne and her husband Kevin Foley back in 2013. Struggling to find proper attire for Kevin and his groomsmen during their wedding planning led the two to the idea of The Groomsman Suit. Today The Groomsman Suit is run by Jeanne Foley and Diana… Read Entire Story

Top 10 List of Successful Entrepreneurs With No Experience (Video)

The journey through life is never a straight path. No matter how many kids want to be doctors, astronauts and movie stars, fate more often takes a hand, leading them to different careers and experiences. There’s no place you can see this effect more clearly than in the lives of the top 10 successful entrepreneurs with no experience highlighted in the video above. Not Prepared, But Ready All of the entrepreneurs featured in the video succeeded in a field for which they had no preparation. However, when opportunity came their way, they hopped on board and road that opportunity to success. The main theme that runs through these stories remains the fact that none of these entrepreneurs were prepared… Read Entire Story

3 Reasons Why A Business Loan Is Good For Your Start-Up

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3 Reasons Why A Business  Loan Is Good For Your Start-Up If you are only getting started in business, financing could be your biggest dilemma. Even if you have the best business idea that you are certain will turn into cash, without capital it can be impossible to get it started. Of course, you have probably read somewhere that something like 90% start-ups fail, but don’t let that deter you. Most times a business will fail from lack of … Read Entire Story