5 Funnels to Increase Subscriber Engagement

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Let’s play a game! Which subscriber would you rather have? Subscriber A – Joins your list, stays for a few years, opens emails regularly (every 2 or 3 emails), but has never forwarded your content or shared it on social channels. A consistent subscriber, yet you’ve never interacted with this person and don’t know what they’re about. Or how about… Subscriber B – Joins your list, opens emails regularly, offers feedback on their interests and … Read Entire Story

You Don’t Always Have to Email Each Post

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Using Exclude Tags  to Refrain from Sending Posts We understand there are times you would like to post an item to your website without having it sent to your mailing list. Exclude tags are a simple way to do this in FeedBlitz. Have you missed a tip or two? Catch up on all of our Quick Tips here! You can find exclude tags in the Settings of your Mailing List… Read Entire Story