Investors Rush Into Crypto

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While a good deal of Americans opted to avoid talking politics around the Thanksgiving Dinner table this year, one topic filling the void was bitcoin.  Whether it was a cousin bragging about buying it more than a year ago, or your uncle adamantly steadfast in his belief that the whole thing is a bubble, there’s a good chance someone mentioned it.  With all the talk about bitcoin, a good deal of people are also starting to open accounts where they can buy and sell crypto-currencies.  Coinbase is one of the largest platforms where consumers and … Read Entire Story

ProBlogger Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Bloggers

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Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or not, for many the frenzied sale activity on the weekend following Thanksgiving – from Black Friday to Cyber Monday – does present a great opportunity to take advantage of some incredible deals on things that will be useful to you and your blog.As bloggers it’s a good time to reflect and take stock of 2017, and also to make plans for 2018. Some of these plans may involve changing … Read Entire Story

Contagious Content Marketing: How to Give Your Content Viral Potential

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For some marketers, going viral is the holy grail of content marketing. It’s easy to see why. You put out content, people organically start sharing it, and it takes off until you’ve racked up millions of views. Millions of brand impressions without a penny in paid promotion. You can’t blame marketers for chasing that particular dragon. That said, it’s important to get one thing straight: “Going viral” is not a content marketing strategy. It’s a pleasant side effect that can happen with well-crafted content, yes. But the chance of virality is no substitute for well-researched, relevant content amplified to the most relevant audience through organic, paid, … Read Entire Story

Trump is turning his Cabinet-appointment process into its own reality show

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There’s been a lot of drama and showmanship surrounding president-elect Donald Trump’s selection of his Cabinet. Read Entire Story

Making Your Content as Tasty as Pie

Hey there — welcome back to the Copyblogger Weekly! It’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S., and we want to celebrate by stuffing ourselves until we’re unable to speak or move. No, wait, we want to celebrate by helping you make your content delicious. On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman showed us how to weave structure and intrigue together for irresistible results. On The Showrunner, Jerod Morris and Jonny Nastor … Read Entire Story

High toxin level delays California recreational crab season

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Wildlife authorities delayed the recreational Dungeness crab season and closed the rock crab fishery for most of California on Thursday, just days after warning of dangerous levels of a neurotoxin linked to a massive algae bloom off the West Coast.The state Fish and Game Commission voted 3-0 on the Dungeness delay and the rock crab closure north of the Santa Barbara-Ventura county line. The panel said crabbing would resume when toxin levels dropped, but it did not estimate when that might be.The recreational Dungeness season was … Read Entire Story


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Written by Josh Nelson, who brings over a decade of experience to his marketing firm, Plumbing & HVAC SEO, ‘Internet Marketing for Plumbing & HVAC Companies: How to TRIPLE your sales by getting your internet marketing right’ is a game-changing book that can put any contractor on the top of Google and open the floodgates to a lucrative stream of calls and hot leads. /PRNewswire/ — There’s no way to sugar-coat it; the modern consumer is sourcing their plumber and HVAC contractor Read Entire Story