What You Need to Know About Optimizing Content for Voice Search

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Thanks to the emergence of technologies such as mobile personal assistants, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Cortana, and others, there’s no doubt that voice search is on the rise. These days, consumers can send text messages while driving or use a mobile personal assistant to complete simple actions. In fact, Gartner predicts that about 30% of searches will be conducted without a screen by 2020. In addition, another study from ComScore, states that voice searches will account for nearly 50% of searches, too. That means we marketers need to start thinking how we can get our … Read Entire Story

Using Audio to Engage in a Connected World #DSMPLS

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Have you ever heard a song in the morning, only to have it stubbornly stick in your head all day long, even though you don’t care for it? Of course you have. It happens to all of us, and there’s a clear explanation for it. “People remember things via audio signal better, longer, and stronger than when they see visually,” said Gabe Tartaglia in his presentation at Digital Summit Minneapolis: Engaging in a Connected World with the Power of Audio. The field of neuroscience is increasingly measuring and shedding light on this phenomenon. Today’s marketer needs to be paying attention. The Screenless Revolution In his role as Vice President of National Vertical Sales for Pandora, Tartaglia has an inherent interest in … Read Entire Story

Why You Don’t Feel Confident (& How to Fix it) FS224


How can we decrease the volume of fear in our head and increase our feeling of confidence? Because, for many of us, if we can do that, won’t our work have a better chance of succeeding? “I got this!” That’s the feeling we want. “I got this. I can do it.” You know what I think of when I think about confidence? I think about the difference between “this MIGHT work” and “this might NOT work.” Which way does the voice in your head normally … Read Entire Story

Digital Marketing News: Generational Social Media, QR Code Comeback and Bing’s Chatbots

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Social Media Use by Generation [Infographic] Preferences vary by generation – this certainly isn’t a well kept secret in the marketing world. So how do you create a message, and choose a medium, that will resonate with your target audience? This infographic shares some ideas. MarketingProfs Pinterest’s object-recognizing Lens feature now scans QR codes, too QR codes, like the common cold, never seem to really go away. Pinterest announced this week that their Lens feature will now allow users to scan QR codes that lead to web pages within the Pinterest app, eliminating the need to download a special app to do so. MarketingLand Bing to Integrate Chatbots into Search Results Bing is rumored … Read Entire Story

How to Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017 – Whiteboard Friday

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Posted by randfish From understanding the big-picture search trends to making sure your SEO goals jive with your CEO’s goals, there’s a lot to consider when planning for 2017. Next year promises to be huge for our industry, and in today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand outlines how to craft a truly remarkable SEO strategy to help you sail through 2017. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high-resolution version in a new tab! Video TranscriptionHowdy, Moz fans, and welcome to this special New Year’s edition of Whiteboard Friday. I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season and are about to have a wonderful New … Read Entire Story

8 Ways to Avoid Common Video Marketing Mistakes

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Focus on telling stories about people using your products and the benefits that they derive from using them. Read Entire Story

How to Create a Conversion-Focused Tone of Voice

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You’re likely familiar with the finding that over half of communication is non-verbal. So perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that your copy is “saying” a lot more than you think it is. That’s because tone of voice is at play, influencing how visitors read your copy and relate to your company. Fortunately, tone of voice can be deliberately created, managed and optimized. What’s the Definition … Read Entire Story

Amazon just bought a company that’s like Skype for gaming (AMZN)

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Amazon’s slowly buying up several video game companies. Read Entire Story

The Exact Moment I Chose a Better Niche (097)

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Bonnie asks a question in this show that took us where I didn’t expect we’d go. As Corbett, Barrett and I started responding to her question (which is as funny as it is important) we travelled into a conversation about choosing a better niche. Niche advice grows like trees in the internet business world. Here at Fizzle we talk about the “niche please” mindset often. And not always in a dubious way. The target market guide that’s helped so many people is simply another method for choosing your niche… a people… Read Entire Story

Attention Millennials: How to Excel at the Dying Art of Phone Conversations (Infographic)

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Yes, people still talk on the phone. Here’s a handy reminder of how to influence people when you do. Read Entire Story

Why Writers Should Watch ‘The Voice’

Last spring, my husband traveled seven weeks in a row for business. My ten-year-old daughter and I bonded with him over The Voice. Our family has never been one for competition reality shows that last more than one episode. I think we had a brief fling with Cake Boss, but singing, dancing? Not so much. I was not looking forward to committing myself to four hours a week of reality television, but we agreed… Read Entire Story