A2 Hosting: a Fast Web Hosting for Your Online Business

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Choosing a web hosting for your online business is an important step. You must look for a reliable service, with a 24/7 support and a good value for money. But most of all, a fast web hosting! In this post, I’m going to share my experience with A2 Hosting, a quality service which includes all these factors. A2 Hosting New Account Registration I started with searching and registering a new domain name to create my account with A2 Hosting. Note that you can do either this way, or: transfer your domain name from another registrar; use your existing domain and update the nameservers; use a subdomain from A2 hosting. I was … Read Entire Story

Why is Server Speed So Important to Revenue?

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If your website always takes forever to respond to a request, then you could be killing your revenue and reducing your chances of profits. In other words, you’re doing the exact opposite of what you hoped to achieve when you first started building your web presence in the first place. Today, the key to getting the most sales and conversions is to combine relevant and valuable content with quick loading times. The speed that is associated with your website is the amount of time that it takes for a webpage to become visible on a screen once it’s requested by a browser. Recent research suggests that the loading speeds of websites is essential when it comes to evaluating things like … Read Entire Story

MilesWeb VPS vs GoDaddy VPS? Who Should You Choose?

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Virtual Private Servers have off late been gaining a lot of popularity but still there is a lot of confusion related to this in the market. The reason that accounts for this is that it is a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Not understanding the term can make you unsure if Virtual Private Servers will suit your hosting needs. Let us dig more into it and see the benefits and advantages of VPS Hosting that would let you arrive to a consensus if VPS is the right choice for your business… Read Entire Story

Why Web Hosting Is Important? How It Affects Your SEO?

Who else wants to increase their traffic from search engines? Website traffic is the lifeblood for any blog that makes decent income. If your website doesn’t get enough search traffic, it’s going to die eventually. Did you know that most bloggers quit because of lack of traffic from search engines? If you’ve tried all the […] The post Why Web Hosting Is Important? How It Affects Your SEO? appeared first Read Entire Story

What to Consider when Choosing Hosting for your Business

Information advancement has led to both established and growing businesses to rely on the internet for marketing, interacting with customers and promoting brands. Business websites have gradually evolved into… read more The post What to Consider when Choosing Hosting for your Business appeared first on Noobpreneur.com. Read Entire Story

Interview with Franz Maruna from concrete5

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Franz Maruna is the founder of CMS concrete5. He gives us his views on all things CMS and concrete5 related! Hi Franz, and thanks for doing this interview! Could you tell us a little about yourself, and what you do? My Dad ran a manufacturing software shop in the ’70s and ’80s so I grew up knowing how to program computers back when that wasn’t cool at all. My own interests were more towards the arts and by high school I was winning awards for photography Read Entire Story