Sarah Sanders and Democratic lawmaker exchange blows on Twitter

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An erroneous tweet from The Hill sparked a feud between White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu of California. Read Entire Story

3 Unusual Content Marketing Approaches That Actually Work

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My favorite brand on social media is Denny’s. The diner chain eschews pretty much every marketing convention, and that’s exactly why its efforts stand out so much. The company’s online personality has been compared to that of a “chill teenager.” Its Twitter feed is filled with juvenile humor, rarely promoting the restaurant’s actual food in any serious way. I doubt many people find the image of a pancake in a shoe appetizing. The Denny’s Instagram page looks like some sort of bizarre avant garde art project. None of this … Read Entire Story

Rob Gronkowski under fire for ‘dirty’ hit that sent a Bills player into concussion protocol

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Rob Gronkowski drove his arm and shoulder into Tre’Davious White, causing many to say the hit was "dirty." Read Entire Story

9 details you might have missed on the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ episode

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The newest installment of the HBO drama was a fiery epic, but there were a lot of callbacks to season one and other moments you might have missed. Read Entire Story

‘SNL’ mocks Kellyanne Conway for her lack of public appearances after multiple media controversies

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Conway stopped appearing on TV after a string of public blunders. Read Entire Story

Biggest Social Media Fails of 2017

In the latest social scandal, McDonald’s tweets that President Donald Trump is “disgusting” and has “tiny hands.” Read Entire Story

Obama is reportedly ‘furious’ over Trump’s unsubstantiated wiretapping allegations

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People close to Obama said Trump’s wiretapping tweets undermined "the integrity of the office of the president and Mr. Obama himself." Read Entire Story

Are Your Employees Capable of and Willing to Do the Job?

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For most employers, deciding whether or not to fire an employee is the toughest call they make. Read Entire Story

Donald Trump will testify in the class-action lawsuit against Trump University after the election

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The lawsuit is one of three that accuse Trump University of fleecing students with unfulfilled promises to teach secrets of success in real estate. Read Entire Story

How To Create Black and White Backgrounds for Color Images on

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to take one of your color pictures and make the background black and white while leaving one element of the image in full color. To follow along this How To for you will of course need the software (which is free). You will […] The post How To Create Black and White Backgrounds for Color … Read Entire Story

6 basic things you must learn to do well to succeed in your business

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I walked into a gym; everyone was standing in rows with their white uniforms.  The only thing that distinguished them was the color of their belts. It was confronting when they started to yell with each kick, punch or block.  At the front of the class, an instructor would show the proper form of a technique and then they’d repeat the same for 100, sometimes 200 times, this wasn’t what I expected at all. I was expecting exotic techniques that would show me how to grab my opponent’s finger and bring him down to his knees as he pleaded for mercy.  Ok, so I’m … Read Entire Story

White Hat Link Building, Controlling Search Engine Crawlers, Themefuse Premium Giveaway, #Speedlink 29:2015

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! Link building, or should I say Link earning, is still very important to rank well on search engines. It is not dead as many seem to like talking about. This is so true that recently, decided to join the “expert roundup” craze and publish a massive article about how to build links, the white hat way. Here are the questions that ahrefs asked: Please tell us about your favourite “white hat link building strategy that scales”. (What makes it your favourite one? How to execute it properly?) How do you scale it? (What tools do you use? Where do … Read Entire Story