8 Advanced PPC Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques to Crush Your Competition

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Before you start reading this article, a word of disclaimer: If you’re a newbie PPC marketer, do yourself a favour… Close this window and go read another PPC guide instead. (And I mean that in the nicest, least offensive way!) I’m going to be introducing some pretty advanced techniques in this post, and it might Read Entire Story

The Slippery Truth about Grammar Checkers

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It was a brisk winter evening. While editing a Copyblogger article written by Brian Clark, the sound of my fingers tapping on my keyboard harmoniously blended with the rain pattering on the window next to my desk, as the light from the full moon illuminated my computer monitor. Then, as the clock struck midnight, something Read More… The post The Slippery Truth about Grammar Checkers appeared first on Copyblogger. Read Entire Story

4 Reasons to Use a Credit Card for All Purchases

It used to be that using a credit card for purchase was a bad thing.  In fact, it used to be implied that using a credit card meant that you actually didn’t have the money and would put it on the card so you can worry about paying it off later.  While that is true to the fact that you can pay later (usually takes a few weeks for the statement period to be over to pay by the due date), it actually makes perfect financial sense to not only use a credit card, but to … Read Entire Story

John Whelan: Digital field may be first trade wars battleground – Irish Examiner

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Irish ExaminerJohn Whelan: Digital field may be first trade wars battlegroundIrish ExaminerThe survey showed that three-quarters of citizens believe that internet service providers such as Google and Facebook should not have the right to prevent access to their services if users refuse to store identifiers, such as cookies, on their …and more » Read Entire Story

Google’s "Window Wonderland" Brings New York’s Holiday Retail Extravaganzas To The Web – Fast Company

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Fast CompanyGoogle's "Window Wonderland" Brings New York's Holiday Retail Extravaganzas To The WebFast Company"Our day-to-day work is thinking about how we might use our technology that's created across Google to create new marketing experiences and new brand storytelling," explains Aman Govil, who heads Art, Copy & Code. "And hopefully provide inspiration to …and more » Read Entire Story

8 Puzzle Pieces to Successful Advertising

Aren’t you tired of the money you spend on advertising going out the window and never seeing it return with sales? What are the pieces that solve this successful advertising puzzle? Well, there are 8 puzzle pieces that make a great advertisement, let’s take a look. 1. Audience Who are you selling to? What problems do they have that you can solve? Sit down and write out 10 characteristics of your “perfect customer”. Write down their age, gender, profession, income, method of travel, hobbies, etc. In essence draw a mental picture of who you are speaking to. For successful advertising, you must remember, “everyone” is not a target market. 2. Solution What solutions do you offer to this “perfect customer”? Look at the list you just … Read Entire Story