3 Simple Ways to Increase Empathy at Work

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Empathy is a great way to climb the career ladder. Read Entire Story

Blog 11: Who Is T Dub?

TW Jackson is the amazing man behind the ebook “Magic of Making Up”. He gives you many tips and secrets on how to win your love back even in the most troubled relationships. T Dub is the author’s other name. T Dub is not a psychologist or some sort of wizard, he is just a… The post Blog 11: Who Is T Dub? appeared first on Articles. Read Entire Story

Creating a Successful Franchise Opportunity

There are many companies that decide to stay a single-chain store and move up the ladder of financial domination by simply controlling all of the stores and outlets that they open up. On the flip side there are also companies who decide to let their store become someone else’s by giving the public an opportunity… The post Creating a Successful Franchise Opportunity appeared first on Articles. Read Entire Story

If You Want to Start a Service Business for Women, Follow This Advice From Ellevest’s Founder

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Sallie Krawcheck explains how she built her brand. Read Entire Story

10 Signs You’ve Got a Toxic Workplace Culture, Bro

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You don’t want to see your company’s become a household name — for the wrong reason. Read Entire Story

How One Ad Exec Is Changing Her Industry

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Jessica Abo sits down with Gail Tifford to talk about #SeeHer, a new initiative to drive a more accurate portrayal of women and girls in media and advertising. Read Entire Story

"There Aren’t Enough Qualified Women Speakers" and Other Garbage Excuses for Why Your Marketing Event Isn’t Gender Diverse

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Blog images by Alejandra Porta. I’ve attended enough tech and marketing events to make a few generalizations: Women are hugely underrepresented; whether it’s a panel or a conference speaker lineup, chances are it’s overrun with white men. Sexism is prevalent, and it spans from subtle (think underrepresentation, pinkwashed girls’ lounges) to overt (think harassment, non-consensual advances). There are exceptions (there always are), but this is the general rule, and it’s … Read Entire Story

Tips for Women on How to Score Business Funding

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Tips for Women on How to Score Business Funding More than 126 million women around the world were starting or running their own businesses in 2012, and their numbers continue to grow. Globally, social norms and cultural restraints leave women lagging behind men when it comes to business, but nonetheless, women account for about one-third of entrepreneurs in the world. Here, we offer ideas about loans, grants, and government contracts, along with encouragement to keep going until you’ve found ways to fund your dream. Business Loans When it comes to business loans, most financial institutions do not look at the applicant’s gender, but only at their credit history and business practices. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you will… Read Entire Story

This New AI Platform Wants to Help More Women Entrepreneurs Become Millionaires

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Dell, Circular Board and Pivotal have partnered to make the startup ecosystem easier — and more profitable — to navigate. Read Entire Story

Saving Marriage in a Culture of Throw Away Relationships

How do you go about saving marriage in a culture which values throw away relationships? There was a time, not too long ago, that marriage was considered a lifetime commitment. While there were some downsides to this such as people having to endure a lifetime of physical and emotional abuse, there were also some benefits. […] Read Entire Story

How Diesel Engines Work

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When gas is compressed, the temperature of it will rise, with diesel engines using this very property to ignite the fuel. Air is then drawn into the cylinder and compressed by the rising piston at a much high compression ratio than gas engines, up to 25:1, with the air temperature reaching 700 – 900 degrees […] Read Entire Story

Tech savvy – Ireland’s Marketing & Media Monthly Magazine

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Tech savvyIreland’s Marketing & Media Monthly MagazineIt took five years after its US launch for Google Shopping to arrive here and Ward worked with retailers on its rollout. But the company was still not happy with its ability to … Ward launched the Irish break out team in 2012 and they always try to … Read Entire Story